Enumclaw Police King James Bible

Enumclaw Police King James Bible

King County Police King James Bible Only


From Judge Susan J. Craighead

Judge Susan J. Craighead instead of pounding the gravel at a phantom white bias ought to be prosecuting favoritism between police and King County Prosecutors.

Privileged-Badge-Bias is real, tangible and destroying The Law.

This very real prejudices to the vile tune of promoting Enumclaw Police Baptist Church Doctrines!

Because Enumclaw Sargent Grant McCall was a policeman King County Prosecutors put his Baptist Church Doctrines in Puyallup Washington State front and center in King County Courts to attack a church Grant McCall had framed.

Because Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall opposes Sound Doctrine Church, (Timothy Williams) McCall used slander, lies and an ongoing hate-crime for his frame-up. Such is the Enumclaw Police King James Bible Privileged-Badge-Bias “special relationship” King County Prosecutors have been stroking the police for years.

Step-Mom calls Enuclaw Police Because of Sound Doctrine Church “Jesus Stuff”

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