Juan Rodriguez: Twins Die: No Charges: Of Course Not

Juan Rodriguez: Twins Die: No Charges: Of Course Not

August 2019

“A New York City father who says he forgot his 1-year-old twins in a hot car, believing he had dropped them at day care, called his wife later that day asking her to pick up the kids, according to an NYPD source.”

[N.Y. Man Thought Twins Were At Day Care, Not in Hot Car | PEOPLE.com]

[Below: Reviewed Unto Righteousness ]

This is outrageous hypocrisy.

Of course, Juan Rodriguez Social Worker will not be charged in the death of two 1-year-old twins – because he is part of the protected prosecutor class.

Mr. Juan Rodriguez is a Social Worker and when was the last time you ever heard of a self-righteous prosecutor / social worker being, well, prosecuted?

Mr. Juan Rodriguez not only received unheard-of swiftness from the court system, but the Prosecutors could not exonerate Mr. Rodriguez quick enough! [ Assistant District Attorney Jaime Breslin ]

You can bet Mr. Rodriquez gets to keep his job, his freedom, and doesn’t have to pay a single legal bill. Indeed, the sympathy cards will fill Social Worker Rodriquez’s desk from his co-workers. Have you ever heard of a Social Worker mailing anyone else a sympathy card for the “mistaken death of a child in a hot car” tragedy?

You guessed it, all of this kindness only because Mr. Rodriquez is a Social Worker. If such is not the case, then please post the cases and individuals who left their children to die such horrible deaths in an overheated car that Prosecutors let go so lightly.

  “If such is not the case, then please post the cases and individuals who left their children to die such horrible deaths in an overheated car that Prosecutors let go so lightly.”

[Twins Die: No Charges: Of Course Not]

If this had been anyone else, with the least hint of a hang nail wound from doing chores around house Social Services would have undermined the family authority in an instant.

In case you haven’t noticed the Prosecutors Offices in the United States are morphing into Social Service Stations high on illegal steroids.

Don’t expect a humble father who is trying to do the best he can in spite of the government undermining parental authority to just simply tell a judge, “It was a mistake”. Then Prosecutors will just go home and mind their own business. 1

Heavy & Light

Do not have two differing weights in your bag-one heavy, one light.

(Deuteronomy 25:13)

See how fast the authorities move when it is one of their protected class.

See how fast they are to excuse what they would prosecute and grind you into dust over.

See him weep, cry and a Social Service Lawyer plead with the District Attorney to call it a mistake. And everyone falls all over themselves to quickly move to dismiss and get this terrible mistake over with. What fawning! 2

Just try this truth at you next anti-Family Friendly We Will Kidnap Your Kids Court Hearing that your over-discipline in the court’s eyes of little Johnny or Jane was a “mistake.” That you didn’t mean for it to appear a little too harsh ~ see how that goes for ya.

[ See Parental Rights Organization ]


The way of holiness, what is right is for mothers is to be busy at home.

Had Mrs. Rodriguez been busy at home, her twins would be alive today.

God, in His wisdom, floods a woman’s brain with hormones that make her more nurturing and highly protective. 3

Men’s brain, on the other hand, have hormones that cause them to be one task-focused. Thus it is far easier for men to forget the children in the car than for a mother who is busy at home, encouraging her hormones to develop, which motivates her to nurture and protect the children.

But hey, the government can’t even tell who should use the men’s room and the little girl’s room anymore. Why should sanity actually rule the court room?

Women are to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind,…

(Titus 2:5)

“Oxytocin also increases as women look at their babies, or hear their babies’ coos and cries, or snuggle with their babies. An increase in oxytocin during breastfeeding may help explain why researchers have found that breastfeeding mothers are more sensitive to the sound of their babies’ cries than non-breastfeeding mothers. “Breastfeeding mothers show a greater level of [brain] responses to baby’s cry compared with formula-feeding mothers in the first month postpartum,” Kim said. “It’s just really interesting. We don’t know if it’s the act of breastfeeding or the oxytocin or any other factor.””

[What Happens to a Woman’s Brain When She Becomes a Mother – The Atlantic]

Juan Rodriguez was trained by the military to sharpen his naturally one-focused hormones for obeying orders in one task. Thus Mr. Rodriguez did not “blank out” he tuned out as trained. Had Mr. Rodriguez been a wise husband he would have realized his limitation and told his wife in love, “You watch the kids. It is what you are designed by God to do.” Even science confirms this cold-hard-fact reality.

Mrs. Juan Rodriguez hormones flooded her mind to reshape it for multi-tasking of watching children while being fiercely protective.


Timothy Williams

Reviewed Unto Righteousness
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Further Information

“An Iraq war veteran whose twin babies died after he left them in a hot car for eight hours has no criminal case to answer at the moment.

Juan Rodriguez, 39, appeared at Bronx Criminal Court on Wednesday for a brief hearing with his older son Tristan and wife beside him.

The social worker’s lawyer has urged the district attorney to drop the charges as he was released on bail, calling the case a “horrible tragedy”.

Prosecutors told a judge that there has been “no grand jury action” taken at this time.

The father says he “forgot” that his one-year-old twins were in the car with an internal temperature of 42C.

Witnesses said he screamed out “I killed my babies” when he returned to the car after a shift at the local hospital.

The boy and girl, named Luna and Phoenix, were found dead inside his Honda Accord last Friday.”

[Dad who accidentally ‘left twins to die’ in 42C car’ has no case to answer – Mirror Online]