Abuse: Grandma’s Kiss

Abuse: Grandma’s Kiss

July 2019

“An Australian program is trying to educate young children on sexual consent by explaining they have the right to even tell Granny to hold back on her kisses.”

[Program says kids need to ‘consent’ to grandma kisses]

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Do not underestimate the perversion of natural affection created by Respectful Relationships as taught by the likes of Margie Buttriss.

The perverted promotions of Margie Buttriss will further degrade human interaction so that these children will grow-up being unable to show love or have empathy for the harm they will inflict.

This is mighty dangerous stuff.

And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,
it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.

(Mark 9:42)


“That didn’t sit well with oldsters, “

[Program says kids need to ‘consent’ to grandma kisses]   

Note well how the New York Post emphasizes that it is the “older” folks who complain.

Government agencies have so defiled the children, as the Cultural Christian Church has grown colder, that any normal affection is dying out with the older folks.

And yes, I can prove in 5 easy Scripture that the Cultural Christian Church is cold and that if there is a church that is alive in Jesus the government will take notice and shut it down.

Think future leaders, jury duty, reporters and be very, very afraid.

Timothy Williams

Reviewed Unto Righteousness
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“That didn’t sit well with oldsters, who quickly politicized the program as they raged about it online.

“’No thanks Grandma’: Children taught to say no to sloppy kisses to understand consent. This rot bought about by some extreme lefty who never had a granny,” wrote Twitter user Dennis Barr, who identifies himself as a 69-year-old with “greatgranddaughter Aussies.”

“Yet they support Sleepy Joe and his constant touching. Even kisses his granddaughters on the lips! I’m INSULTED!” fumed Twitter user American Grandma, referring to presidential hopeful Joe Biden as she shared a copy of the story.

“So a kiss from granny is now abuse?” raged Twitter user @1Swinging_Voter.”

[Program says kids need to ‘consent’ to grandma kisses]