Reporter Ms Larrison Campbell

Reporter Ms Larrison Campbell

July 2019

“A Republican candidate for Mississippi governor told a female reporter that he couldn’t be interviewed by her unless she was accompanied by a male colleague”

[Miss. politician tells female reporter she needs to be accompanied by a man]

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“The only reason you think that people will think I’m having a (improper) relationship with your candidate is because I am a woman,” she reportedly told Robison [ Reporter Ms. Larrison Campbell ]

Uh, yea, reporter Ms. Larrison Campbell it is because you are a woman that all women are treated with respect.

Besides being a self-destructive attitude by not protecting others, it is tactless, wreck-less and sinful reporter Ms. Larrison Campbell.

If every man had the righteous attitude and actions of State Rep. Robert Foster, there would be no me-too movement. One cannot attack the good as you do, Ms. Campbell yet whine about the bad men without being labeled hypocrite. Provoking a situation, flirting with temptation, being conceited about such is a pathic display of immaturity. 1

Ms. Larrison Campbell, reporter, it is one of the first calls of godly love for all to protect others from any appearance of compromising situations and the possibility of something going wrong. 2

Too bad Ms. Campbell did not love Mrs. Forster’s marriage enough to protect its sanctity.

It is precisely this kind of impurity Ms. Campbell demands that demonstrates only men who are fools would be stupid enough go it alone with any women today. 3 Especially in this super-heated-hate-men global warming climate change brought on by such arrogance.

Bottom line,  reporter Ms. Larrison Campbell should have desired a chaperon on such a trip for the sake of Mrs. Robert Forster’s marriage.

If I were Mrs. Robert Forster, I would be filled with a righteous anger that you would not soon forget. (Although, one should not underestimate feminine southern charm for getting even.)

That you treated the marriage as a cheap trick to be stepped on by your lust for selfish-ambition is not something to be forgotten unless you repent.

To trample on love is no slight insult, Ms. Campbell!

Love always protects, …

(1 Corinthians 13:7)

Good show of moral standards State Rep. Robert Foster, R-Hernando of Mississippi. Excellent you are standing up against foolishness. 4

Be glad Mississippi State Rep. Robert Foster because if you lived around Washington State’s, Seattle, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg impure neck of the woods he would prosecute you for having and enforcing a Christian no-one-alone command. [ See ]

Timothy Williams

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2
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(—“Vice President Mike Pence used a similar excuse back in 2002 when he reportedly told The Hill that he refuses to eat alone with any woman other than his wife.

“In our case, it was a female reporter asking to ride along, and my campaign director is in and out and gone sometimes,” Foster explained in his radio interview Wednesday. “It’s just going to be a lot of opportunities for an awkward situation I didn’t want to put myself in.”

The gubernatorial candidate added, “There’s only one person that comes to mind more than anyone and that’s my wife. I’ve always had the same practice in business. I’m not alone with a female employee and put myself in a situation to have a ‘he said, she said moment.’””

[Miss. politician tells female reporter she needs to be accompanied by a man]