Thinking of Mary

Thinking of Mary

“Outcome research on the benefits of journaling shows mixed results. Sometimes keeping a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences helps, but often it makes things worse. In general it is likely to hurt if it tries to help you “know yourself” in isolation and helps if it leads to greater understanding and behavior change in your interactions with others.”

[The Good and the Bad of Journaling | Psychology Today]

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Thoughts of Mary, the mother of Jesus, hit my mind early one morning. About 1:30 am to be precise.

When Mary was told by the Angel that she would give birth to God’s only begotten Son, she quietly locked such coming events into her heart.

Indeed, when Mary gave birth and the news was being spread all around the country-side she kept quiet. 1

God chose Mary for her simple, quiet faith, and it was reflected in that perfect love that treasured such holy thoughts in her heart.

No social media, no self-grandstanding gossip, no book about her trials and sufferings, not even a single letter written in a diary for Mary.

Come to think of it there has never been a discovery of the lost diaries of the twelve apostles. Some how, some reason and some godly humility never thought of keeping a diary.

What a humble state, Mary, the mother of Jesus, had in her soul. Mary had a treasured up heart, not a written diary of her thoughts and feelings to draw from in the coming years.

Talk about a heart full of goodness.

Do not get me wrong – well – ok, get me wrong that doesn’t matter – I have attempted diaries over the years, but the goodness of God, His thoughts, His feelings move so fast through my mind, heart and soul that a dairy was impossible to keep.

Indeed, writing such holy thoughts and events down would have run the risk of casting pearls to pigs let alone keeping me from the time required to do good deeds for God. 2

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.
(Luke 2:19)


Timothy Williams

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2
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“Journaling can have a negative effect on your behavior and well being if it:

Makes you live too much in your head

Makes you a passive observer of your life (thinking about how you’ll record it instead of experiencing what is happening)

Makes you self-obsessed

Becomes a vehicle of blame instead of solutions

Wallows in negative things that have happened to you.”

[The Good and the Bad of Journaling | Psychology Today]