Police : Suicide : Judas

Police : Suicide : Judas

“First, there was the deputy chief facing mandatory retirement as his 63rd birthday approached. The next day, it was a veteran homicide detective who had talked dozens of people out of killing themselves.

A week later, it was a young patrolman handling domestic violence cases and going through a divorce. Then on Wednesday, a veteran officer was found dead at his home on Long Island.

All four officers took their own lives this month with their service pistols, highlighting an uncomfortable reality: More police officers commit suicide every year in New York City than are killed in the line of duty, and the department’s efforts to persuade despondent officers to seek counseling have had only limited success. ”

[4 Officer Suicides in 3 Weeks: N.Y.P.D. Struggles to Dispel Mental Health Stigma – The New York Times]

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Judas Hung Himself

Then Judas went away and hanged himself.

(Matthew 27:5)

Judas set into motion the betraying of perfect love unto the religious leaders who promptly ran to the government for a conviction of guilt.

Darkness came home to Judas. His soul was blackened, his mood dark and foreboding because he betrayed Truth.

Judas hung himself because he betrayed pure Truth to religious and governing authorities whose due process nailed such to a piece of wood.

Religious leaders resented His teachings and used the government to perform the evil deed for which they were not authorized to inflict.

Pilate representing the government cynically proclaimed, “What is the truth?” then proceeded to condemn an innocent man for political gain.

“What is truth?” Pilate asked.

(John 18:38)

Pilate knew the man Jesus was innocent but to protect his government job he gave into the mob and crucified him.

Politically motivated prosecutions under the name of the law have not changed ~ just ask King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Team of Seattle Washington ~ those perverts of Judicial Prudence.  Certainly, persecutions masquerading as prosecutions upon those attempting to live a holy life in Jesus is still seen today around the world.

Whole Truth

In the United States Legal System, all aspects of the whole truth are barricaded from entering a courtroom. Such is the status quo of the job that hardens legal men and women to the point they cannot think of their lies as lying. That despair, ignorance, and lying reside within the halls of justice is no mystery for truth, and the Truth is not even a footnote in their dark hearts. 1

The main reason Police have a high rate of suicide is that every day, all day, they betray the truth. Sometimes the betrayal of truth is measured in inches, at other times it is a full-scale setup as Seattle’s King County Prosecutors arranged for political gain.2

Prosecutors, Judges, and their fellow Police-persons protect lies on a sliding scale of darkness usually followed by a lie of false justifications. Meaning some lies are darker than others, but all are shades of the same black.

Every time a report is enhanced, altered, or slurred in a direction away from the truth of a situation, the police wound their souls. After some time, the soul is completely black and blue and bleeding from within.

Whenever a blind eye is turned from the slightest of falsehoods perpetrated by the courts, the soul dies by slow bleedings.

In the end, suicide is the result.

Suicide’s Common Thread

All suicides have this one common thread running through their hanging ropes – somewhere in time the person betrayed truths and the Truth.

More Cops Die By Suicide

  • “Still, the national data that is available indicates that more law enforcement officers have died by suicide in the last three and a half years than have been killed carrying out their duties. ” [4 Officer Suicides in 3 Weeks: N.Y.P.D. Struggles to Dispel Mental Health Stigma – The New York Times]

Most of these cops that are suicidal are weighed down with the evidence that their Prosecutors and fellow Officers are just a bunch of liars, often worse than those sent to prison.

That charges by prosecutors are layered on by lying exaggeration of charges, so too are sentences lies and never reflect the reality of time actually to be served. Often the charges leveled are not what the person has actually done but are lies to press-out a guilty plea. At every level full-scale lies fill the justice system. On-and-on I could go until depression sets in. But I know a secrete, justice with a capital “J” is coming. The lies and lying will end. Repent and do not let the system take you to hell with it.

What are the suicidal police gonna tell the counselor? That they figured out the system is a fraud, and everyone is a liar. That they themselves and others are playing a con? That this is why they are depressed?

Indeed you think any fellow police officer or prosecutor is going to admit the truth that Seattle’s King County Prosecutors main method is to lie about the truth, smear the truth with slander so as make the truth appear as a lie while lying about the fact they lie in order to obtain a conviction? You know things are corrupt when 5 Federal Judges rebuke Washington State King County Prosecutors and Judges for enhancing liars.

Only the repentant cop or prosecutor that confesses such sins will be forgiven by God. Those who do repent will find suicidal thoughts replaced, by the power of God, with thoughts of life ~ abundant life. (Watch out for Cultural Christianity)

Protect The Job

  • “The job will tell you they’re here to look out for you, but the No. 1 rule is the job is there to protect the job,” William P. Ryan, a retired detective, said. ” [4 Officer Suicides in 3 Weeks: N.Y.P.D. Struggles to Dispel Mental Health Stigma – The New York Times]

This is why John the Baptist warned the police of the time not to accuse falsely.

To sling a report even if you think a person is guilty, to leave out a fact, to make the job easier for Prosecutors, to protect the job (The State) will only destroy the soul and push the God of Truth further away.

Every action of protecting a fellow officer, the system or one’s job pushes The God of Truth the only giver of Life away from you. The end result of this pushing and shoving God away is suicide.

Your choice.

Then some soldiers asked John the Baptist, “And what should we do?”
He replied, “Don’t extort money and don’t accuse people falsely
–be content with your pay.”

(Luke 3:14)

The Solution: Restful Soul

The healing of a suicidal soul is a deeply spiritual solution. Not everyone is willing to pay the cost of humility for such a saving grace.

Most would rather remain silent, neither crying out to godly men or God for help.

Their pride being the final sin that pushes them to self-murder.

So deeply spiritual is this solution that it will cause Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Team* to persecute because we are talking about darkness vs. light, lies vs. truth on an extremely fundamental level. [ See hardtruth.us ] 3

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world,
but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
(John 3:19)

If you, as a Policeman, desire help from suicidal thoughts, seek out a godly man, who can point you to Jesus. For it is only Jesus who is the author of Truth and Life that can heal a bruised soul.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.

(Matthew 11:29)

If anyone is having suicidal thoughts, the solution is to repent and be set free by the Truth.

All the counseling in the world, all the anti-depressants, all the systems to support mental health cannot heal a bruised soul as that is healing only God can produce. Everything else is at best another lie that, like all lies, is a temporary fix.

Move away from the lies, lying systems and liars, turning yourself fully to God in repentance then you will know the truth and finally be set free.

Then you will know the truth,
and the truth will set you free.

(John 8:32)

Be warned though lying is institutionalized and many of your fellow officers are not going to like the fact you as a repentant sinner no long “protect the job.”

Come suicidal individuals openly confess your sins and find healing for your soul. In that, and that alone is the enteral hope of life, liberty, and freedom.

Unwilling to pay the cost for the abundant life Jesus promised, then, by all means, go see a specialist in such earthly matters.

Timothy Williams

Reviewed Unto Righteousness
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“Three of the recent suicides — Deputy Chief Steven J. Silks, 62, of Queens; Detective Joseph G. Calabrese, 57, of Brooklyn; and Officer Michael Caddy, 29, of Staten Island — were dealing with the sort of problems that experts say contribute to suicide.

The fourth officer, who had not been identified on Thursday morning, appeared to have served 24 years in the New York Police Department, officials said. He appeared to have shot himself in his home in Hicksville, N.Y.”

[4 Officer Suicides in 3 Weeks: N.Y.P.D. Struggles to Dispel Mental Health Stigma – The New York Times]


Article Reference

(nytimes.com)—“Exposure to trauma, horrific accidents and shootings are leading to mental health struggles that often get untreated. The rate of PTSD and depression for police and firefighters is five times higher than the civilian population.

A report commissioned by the Ruderman Family Foundation showed that officers’ highest risk of death is by suicide with most deaths in California and Texas.”

[Report: More cops died by suicide than in line of duty in 2018]