Netflix or Evidence? : Ann Coulter

Netflix or Evidence? : Ann Coulter

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“At the risk of sounding as stupid as a liberal, one of the most disheartening aspects of the “Central Park 5″ folktale is that several of the boys had lovely parents, who came to the police station and sternly instructed their sons to tell the truth. They were kids, 14- and 15-year-olds, except for one who was 16. It was monstrous what they did, but some of them surely got caught up with the mob, hormones raging, and did things they never would have done on their own.

But instead of learning a somber lesson from their parents, paying the price and emerging better men, they have learned a much different lesson from our media: It doesn’t matter what you do to another human being; cry “racism,” and you will be rewarded with untold riches and celebrity. ”


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Ann Coulter is spot on with the evidence of guilt concerning the Central Park 5. But here Ann Coutler, who I respect a great deal is wrong: “It is absolute madness to imagine that officers did anything to coerce these confessions.”

It is not “absolute madness” to believe police and prosecutors act out in their madness to frame the innocent. Such happens all the time. [ See or Cotton Candy Meth ]

Here lies the trouble.

Both the accused and the accusers (Police, Prosecutors) have zero credibilty. Each is pointing the finger at the other without taking the plank out of their own eyes first. Thus, neither can see, or are willing to see clearly the truth that is behind their denials of guilt.1

If Police and Prosecutors want to be taken seriously they had best fast learn to clean up their act first. This is what got Prosecutor Linda Fairstein caught in her own net of hypocrisy.

Until then true Disciples of Jesus, remember, test everything and hold onto the good.2

But let no man bring a charge,
let no man accuse another,
for your people are like those who bring charges against a priest.
(Hosea 4:4)


Timothy Williams

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
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“Last week, we reviewed the evidence of “innocence” of the “Central Park 5” presented in the court of Hollywood. This week, we’ll review the evidence of their guilt — presented in courts of law and ruled on by actual judges and juries.

The five accused rapists — Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam and Kharey Wise — were duly convicted of the 1989 Central Park rape, as well as other assaults in the park that night; “exonerated” 13 years later; and, more than a decade after that, paid $40 million by the city of New York to settle a malicious prosecution case within months of Bill de Blasio becoming mayor, despite city lawyers’ confidence that they would win at trial.

To his credit, Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to give the “exonerated” convicts a dime.

Today, they are civil rights heroes to Hollywood airheads and others completely unfamiliar with the facts of the case.

Here is just some of the evidence against them.

Santana was one of the first boys picked up in the park the night of the attacks, April 19, 1989. While being driven to the precinct house, he blurted out: “I had nothing to do with the rape. All I did was feel the woman’s tits.”

At this point, the jogger hadn’t been found. The police knew nothing about any rape.

Richardson rode to the precinct with another boy, who announced to the police that he knew who did “the murder,” naming Antron McCray. Richardson concurred, saying, “Yeah. That’s who did it.”

Again, the police didn’t know about the jogger yet. (It’s not surprising that the boys thought she was dead: Her doctors didn’t expect her to live through the night.) ”


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(—“Ann Hart Coulter is an American far-right conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. Born in New York City, Coulter was raised in New Canaan, Connecticut. Wikipedia”