Texas : Criminal : Sex Jokes

Texas : Criminal : Sex Jokes

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“The two bills set a definition of sexual harassment that mirrors the Obama administration’s view of Title IX, and incentivize college employees to report anything that the most delicate person on campus might consider sexual harassment.”

[Texas is about to make sex jokes on campus a criminal offense | The College Fix]

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Hey Texas lawmakers here is a novel thought – protect the most offensive form of religious speech on college campus.

You know, the good old, hell and brimstone, repent, clean up your mouth kinda preaching. Honest protection of speech that will not get you fired, expelled or sent to a sensitivity camp for being homophobic, pornophobic or politically-phobic.

Solid protection of speech where False Accusers are prosecuted with equal measure under the law.

Texas might be shocked how individuals would, even though they refuse to repent, began to clean up their lives.

Here is the kind of sermon I would preach in class, on campus, in the lunchroom, in the dorm and to the professor who swears in class. Such protection of speech would be a positive force on campus rather than the rapid destruction caused by lawless political correct selfishness.

But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these:
anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.
(Colossians 3:8)

“It would be a shame if Gov. Abbott ruined the goodwill he received from protecting free speech on campus by, well, outlawing free speech on campus. Because that’s what these two bills would do.”

[Texas is about to make sex jokes on campus a criminal offense | The College Fix]

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While you are at it Texas you need to pass a law that all Police Officers are required to tell the complete and full truth, every fact and detail up front before a trial starts. A law where it is not the responsibility of the Defense to draw out the information – gesh.

See Kepples lovely little pro-prosecutor corruption web site. 1

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“The definition bill (SB 212) literally says that “unwelcome, sex based” words constitute harassment if they are “sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive” to interfere with a student’s studies. What is “unwelcome”? Ask the most easily offended person on campus. (Remember the University of Oregon tried to kick out a female student for a sex joke to another female. Only FIRE’s intervention saved her.)”

[Texas is about to make sex jokes on campus a criminal offense | The College Fix]