Dr. Sebastian Gorka on D-Day

Dr. Sebastian Gorka on D-Day

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“Gorka shared an anecdote from his time as an instructor at the Defense Department’s Joint-Professional Military Education (JPME) system.

“Political correctness infected our general officer class,” estimated Gorka. “I remember an exercise that I ran, it was a six-month special course for lieutenant colonels and colonels who have the [military occupational specialty] — the designation ‘strategist’ — so these are guys whose job it is to think strategically in the bowels of the Pentagon.”

As a JPME instructor, Gorka directed his class to determine the “primary threat” to America, and develop a “grand strategy” to address it.

“This was six years into the Obama administration. … More than half of the teams of colonels and half-colonels said that climate change and global warming is the primary threat to the United States. That’s where we are. I personally lost it.”

Subversion of meritocracy within the military in pursuit of “political correctness” pushed by “woke generals,” said Gorka, compromises nationals security. “These things have real-life consequences,” he stated. “When you dilute the conditions, the standards for passing Marine Corps basic training so that women can pass, that impacts combat effectiveness.”

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka always presents sound, logical and coherent advancement in the understand of war and possible wars.

The audio above is worth listening to as it makes many salient points.

Spiritually America is ripe to fall in one day by the judgment hand of God.

One possible method for America’s destruction, the how-to, is explained by Dr. Gorka in the audio above.

In short an impulse bomb with a cyber-attack destroys all electronics. Everything tied to the Internet is gone along with everything that has a transistor in it.

America is gone in one day.

Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:
death, mourning and famine.
She will be consumed by fire,
for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.
(Revelation 18:8)

What should you do?

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“Military Review publishes article on “How America will be Attacked” by Prof. Sebastian Gorka
by Lea Carroll | September 7, 2016 | ARTICLES

Dr. Sebastian Gorka discusses how the Islamic State, China, and Russia utilize irregular warfare and unconventional warfare against US interests in a new article “How America will be Attacked: Irregular Warfare, the Islamic State, Russia, and China” published by Military Review, the professional journal of the US Army.

Dr. Gorka offers context into the critical state of US national security and into the irregular and unconventional warfare that the United States’ main adversaries employ today and will use in the future. He explains the problems that arise from the reduced military and budget in combating such unconventional warfare, a type of warfare in which the US historically has not excelled, as evident with Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He elaborates on how the Islamic State, China, and Russia acknowledge the US’ superpower status in terms of conventional warfare; therefore, they will continue to develop irregular and unconventional warfare. Dr. Gorka calls for the US to recognize that the days of conventional warfare are over and a new era of irregular and unconventional warfare has begun. Such acknowledgement is necessary for the sake of US national security so that we may sooner comprehend and defeat our enemies.”

[Military Review publishes article on “How America will be Attacked” by Prof. Sebastian Gorka »  News & Publications »  The Institute of World Politics]