Agreed : Justice Ginsburg: Not ‘Mothers’

Agreed : Justice Ginsburg: Not ‘Mothers’

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“Justice Ginsburg took issue: “(A) woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a ‘mother,’” she wrote, according to LifeNews.”

[Justice Ginsburg: Pregnant Women Are Not ‘Mothers’ | Daily Wire]

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I agree with Justice Ginsburg women who abort children are “not a ‘mother’.”

Mothers who abort their children are murders.

Women who abort, murder children in or out of the womb are by no means mothers.

You chased after lovers, then took off your clothes and had sex.

You even worshiped disgusting idols and sacrificed your own children as offerings to them.

So I, the Lord God, will gather every one of your lovers, those you liked and those you hated.

They will stand around you, and I will rip off your clothes and let all of those lovers stare at your nakedness.

I will find you guilty of being an unfaithful wife and a murderer, and in my fierce anger I will sentence you to death!

Ezekiel 16:36-38

Any women who has murdered her child has two choices.

1. Be sent to hell by God as a murderer.

2. Or surrender to the Good News of forgiveness by repenting with godly sorrow of premeditated murder.


Timothy Williams

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“Thomas responded that Ginsburg’s opinion “makes little sense.” And it’s true. Pregnant women are mothers as soon as their child’s life comes into being. It’s not a matter of philosophy or religion but of science”

[Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Claims Pregnant Women are Not “Mothers” |]