I.E.S. / Fake Sex Doctor

I.E.S. / Fake Sex Doctor

I.E.S., or, Itching Ear Syndrome is a condition when an individual hears what they desire to be heard.

For the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but, having itching ears, will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts;

(2 Timothy 4:3)

From King County Prosecutors of Seattle Washington to the general population there is an itch in the ears that is so strong they will go to irrational lengths to hear what they want to hear.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg along with King County Prosecutors desired to hear that Sound Doctrine Church, (aka Timothy Williams) was a “cult” so they lust-ally scratched their itch. In short, they would not endure hearing the truth.

  Liars are not dumb they know what the listener in authority is itching to hear and since liars are never prosecuted they naturally, as a pick-pocket gravitates to the County Fair, step in to lie. 

Liars are not dumb they know what the listener in authority is itching to hear and since liars are never prosecuted they naturally, as a pick-pocket gravitates to the County Fair, step in to lie. The False Investigator knows what not to investigate so that his itch can be scratched for a False Accusation. King County gang of Prosecutors1 and Judges knew exactly what they wanted to hear, what would fix their itch, so they arranged the strangulation of Sound Doctrine Church, WinePress Publishing, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore and the ultimate goal the full destruction of an offensive preacher of holiness  – Timothy Williams.2

Without the cross of Christ offending our sinful zeal to fulfill I.E.S. we create lies and accept falsehoods that we desire to be reaffirmed. Truth gets destroyed as those suffering from I.E.S. surround themselves with enablers that re-enforce wrong notions of reality. And if there is one thing about what I preach, it is not want people want to hear ~ the complete opposite of a “cult.” The Truth of Jesus even offends me, but I would rather have the itch destroyed than be destroyed by lies. While a sub-topic at the moment this is why so many “Christian” Churches are counterfeits. (See Cultural Christianity)

Multi-level and Ponzi schemes work on this principle of scratching the I.E.S. itch. They play to the greed, the gossip, the lust, the compassion of others to manipulate their victims.

Prosecutors play-act this part most notably in closing arguments.

This is why, say in the State of Washington the dumbest individuals possible are selected for jury duty. Consider that the State of Washington demands that anyone who has had a negative experience with Police, Prosecutors or Legal System leave the jury pool.

The very individuals who should be on a jury, the ones who have have insight are removed from jury duty. The “experts” then have a jury pool that is far more easily manipulated for which the Prosecutor can scratch their egos with words like, “justice”, “duty” and “truth.”

Such is a Ponzi environment any multi-level marketer would pay a king’s ransom to have arranged for them.

The beauty of Jesus is you don’t hear what will scratch your ears. Oh, as I well know, you make a lot of enemies because there is no end to those who want the itch scratched, but the offensive message of the cross offends I.E.S. because it, with full force, is the Truth.

How blessed are those who move past being offended by Jesus thus giving up their I.E.S.

They are healed, made whole and set free to rejoice in the Truth.

Blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me.
(Luke 7:23)

Now you know why the spiritual battle side of things has stirred up the world to be ultra-sensitive to being offended. For when anyone refuses to be offended the Truth cannot confront their lies so that they might give up their lies and be set free.

See www.hardtruth.us for
King County Prosecutor & Court Corruption

But as King County Prosecutors, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor David Seaver, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Nicole Weston, Prosecutor Rich Anderson stated, So what!” to the truth.

Reviewed Unto Righteousness
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“How did this guy slip through? How did the media simply accept his self-declared credentials? How did he manage to get as many as eight articles published in the academic literature, where he identified himself as affiliated with an organization that didn’t exist? Simply put – he was bold and aggressive in his claims, and no one questioned them. Even though they should have.”…

…”Warning: This article includes discussion about suicide and sexual assault. The subject sometimes speaks about sensitive mental health topics with language that departs from best practices.

If you look up Dr. Damian Jacob Markiewicz Sendler online, you might think he has a MD and a PhD from Harvard Medical School. He presents himself as the chief of sexology at a non-profit health research foundation based in New York. His website states he’s one of the youngest elected members of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, and that Barack Obama gave him a President’s Gold Service Award for his contributions in medicine and mental health.

Based on the information available online, Sendler could be one of the most accomplished 28-year-olds in medicine.

But he’s not. Those are all lies. ”

[The Fake Sex Doctor Who Conned the Media Into Publicizing His Bizarre Research on Suicide, Butt-Fisting, and Bestiality ]

“Sendler is a serial fabulist. The accomplished doctor character Sendler has created has appeared in numerous media outlets—Vice, Playboy, Savage Lovecast, Huffington Post, Insider, Bustle, Thrive Global, Women’s Health, and Forbes, among others. Many of these platforms have published Sendler’s lies and publicized his bizarre and irresponsible studies on necrophilia, zoophilia, lethal erotic asphyxiation, and sexual assault. And until recently, he was soliciting patients through his website where he offered online psychotherapy and sex therapy.

After weeks of interviewing and corresponding with dozens of sources at universities and hospitals, I’ve finally parsed fact from fiction. And after interviewing Sendler for several hours, I figured out how he’s gotten away with it—until now.”

[The Fake Sex Doctor Who Conned the Media Into Publicizing His Bizarre Research on Suicide, Butt-Fisting, and Bestiality ]

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