Designer Craig Green | Plastic Menswear

Designer Craig Green | Plastic Menswear

“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic, according to menswear visionary Craig Green.

Monday at London Fashion Week Men’s, the British designer presented his latest conceptual collection of workwear duds for fall 2019.

This season’s inspiration? A “man made of glass,” Green grandly announced after the show.

But let’s get real: His male models actually stormed down the catwalk in another transparent material: bin liner.

Candy-hued ensembles made from synthetic garbage bags were heavily ruched to mirror bubble wrap. Similarly, protective rain veils — a dead ringer for 99 cent store shower caps — topped off the innovative look.

That’s not all: Harness-style tops and head tassels were accompanied by lumberjack plaid dresses and see-through two-piece sets.

How trashy!”

[Designer Craig Green debuts plastic menswear on the runway]

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There comes the point of understanding that there is no point in understanding because there is nothing left to be understood.

Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom,

and also of madness and folly,

but I learned that this, too, is a chasing after the wind.

(Ecclesiastes 1:17)

This bubble-wrap clothing line is great copy for a science fiction story-line I have been contemplating.

Titled, The Accident Apocalypse the premise is that as man and machine become united the greatest threat of death would come in the form of accidents. Much too the horror of Consumer Reports or the Federal Department of Butt-in Laws and the mob of society at large death by accident would become an all-consuming fear of death.

The Accident Apocalypse explores the terrifying blurred lines between human and machine, concepts of male and female, whether machine-human flesh retains their souls, and if not, what would that mean for concepts of conscious while all churned around by the overwhelming fear of an accident!

Or maybe the comic relief robot in the book comes shipped to the terrified human-metal-hybrid in this line of bubble-wrap fashionwear.

These garments would be the great cushion to prevent the horror of an accident taking place while one walks around in their hybrid body of metal and flesh.

Personally, the coral colored bubble wrap is my chosen color to be in the movie. When I sell the movie rights to The Accident Apocalypse I will insist on Will Smith, (I Am Legend) and Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) as the actors. Both of whom are hybrid humans with the accident inducing Mr. Bean zombizing Will Smith as the accident apocalypse unfolds on a world-wide scale meltdown.

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“London Fashion Week Men’s took place Jan. 5 to 7 and drew a small group of experimental up-and-coming designers.

There was a move away from sportswear on many of the catwalks, yet sneakers continued to reign supreme, with many of the designers pairing them with suits to create a more laid-back approach to tailoring.

Buyers were drawn to all the sneaker collaborations that made their debut during the shows, including Liam Hodges’ crystal-embellished sneakers designed in partnership with Ellesse, Cottweiler’s ongoing Reebok collab and the cool monochrome styles from Nike x A-Cold-Wall (the streetwear label headed by Virgil Abloh’s protégé Samuel Ross).”

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