Fox News: Couple Weds Hours

Fox News: Couple Weds Hours

“Two strangers married on Christmas Day after meeting for the first time at an airport in their wedding attire before boarding a plane to Las Vegas.

Sarah Edwards, née Elliott, 34, matched with Paul Edwards, 36, on online and within days decided to get hitched.

They matched on Dec. 15 and exchanged messages and spoke to each other for the first time on Dec. 22. The loved-up couple spoke again on the 23rd had decided to marry – despite never meeting face-to-face. They committed to each other and booked a wedding venue – the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.”

[Couple weds hours after meeting in person for first time | Fox News]

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  • “”Our marriage will work because we’re completely open and honest about everything in our lives. I have faith,” she said. “If we have any problems, we’ll talk them through. We can talk about absolutely everything – there’s nothing I’d feel uncomfortable discussing with him because I know there’s no judgment there.” [Couple weds hours after meeting in person for first time | Fox News]

One hopes Paul Edwards spent time on his knees with the Living God before bending a knee for marriage to Sarah Edwards.

However, judging, and yes true Christians are to judge, from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino one kinda doubts much prayer went into this matter. At least holy praying.

That said, one has to appreciate the maturity of the approach.

  • “”We instantly clicked – there was an undeniable connection,” Sarah Edwards, a nanny who is originally from New Zealand but now lives in Tunbridge, Wells, Kent, said. “I feel like Paul’s my best friend already. We’re not looking at everything through rose-tinted glasses. We know it will be challenging, but we’re willing to work together. I’m usually such a logical person, but all the rules have been thrown out.”” [Couple weds hours after meeting in person for first time | Fox News]

Marriage is a leap of faith. It should be a leap of faith in the Living God, not a hop in the dark.

May all who hope for such a godly union place their eyes only upon Him who can truly bless a marriage.

“I asked her, ‘Whose daughter are you?’ “She said, ‘The daughter of Bethuel son of Nahor, whom Milkah bore to him.’ “Then I put the ring in her nose and the bracelets on her arms, and I bowed down and worshiped the LORD. I praised the LORD, the God of my master Abraham, who had led me on the right road to get the granddaughter of my master’s brother for his son.

Now if you will show kindness and faithfulness to my master, tell me; and if not, tell me, so I may know which way to turn.”

Laban and Bethuel answered, “This is from the LORD; we can say nothing to you one way or the other. Genesis 24:47-50

But he said to them, “Do not detain me, now that the LORD has granted success to my journey. Send me on my way so I may go to my master.”  Then they said, “Let’s call the young woman and ask her about it.” So they called Rebekah and asked her, “Will you go with this man?” “I will go,” she said. Genesis 24:56-58

Then Rebekah and her attendants got ready and mounted the camels and went back with the man. So the servant took Rebekah and left. Now Isaac had come from Beer Lahai Roi, for he was living in the Negev.

He went out to the field one evening to meditate, and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching.

Rebekah also looked up and saw Isaac. She got down from her camel and asked the servant, “Who is that man in the field coming to meet us?” “He is my master,” the servant answered.

So she took her veil and covered herself. Genesis 24:61-65

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“”We’ve both tried to do things the traditional way before and it didn’t work out for either of us,” she said. “We get on so well and just thought: ‘Why not have that commitment to actually making a marriage work from the very start?’ I’m not interested in just going on dates looking for things I don’t like about that person. I’m committing to making this marriage absolutely work – like they did in the old days.”

“It’s traditional, older generations might have only met their partner once or twice before getting married,” she said. “It’s similar, we just hadn’t even met before.””

[Couple weds hours after meeting in person for first time | Fox News]