Jordan Peterson & Helen Lewis

Jordan Peterson & Helen Lewis

Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning. (Proverbs 9:9)

Of course, the wisdom in this video is way above the pay grade of King County Courts of Seattle Washington. But then truthful, factual laws do not gain votes from voters or prestige among legal peers.1

…what are honest opinions.’ ‘Mine certainly were. They were not only honest but heroic. I asserted them fearlessly. When the doctrine of the Resurrection ceased to commend itself to the critical faculties which God had given me, I openly rejected it. I preached my famous sermon.

I defied the whole chapter.

I took every risk.’

‘What risk? What was at all likely to come of it except what actually came—popularity, sales for your books, invitations, and finally a bishopric?’

Lewis, C. S.. The Great Divorce (Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis) HarperCollins.

Helen Lewis, in her own words, “It is a living.” As they say, follow the money.

This is one example that only honest Christians who “hate” and “despise” money are free to think, to act and to love selflessly.2

Helen Lewis should consider she is destroying her own house. Ms. Lewis stopped being wise a long time ago. 

  • The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. (Proverbs 14:1)

“As part of our 30th-anniversary dissection of masculinity, Helen Lewis interrogated controversial Canadian academic and bestselling author Jordan Peterson about the patriarchy, #MeToo, the alt-right, gay parenting, fascist ideologies, his all-beef diet and much more…”

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