Napolitano : DOJ : 3 Possibilities

Napolitano : DOJ : 3 Possibilities

““So you’re saying he’s an unindicted co-conspirator?” Smith asked.

“Yes,” Napolitano answered. “There’s ample evidence – this doesn’t require too much analysis – to indict the president, the question is do they want to do it. The DOJ has three opinions in this: two say you can’t indict a sitting president, one says you can, but all three address the problem of ‘what do you do when the statute of limitations is about to expire?’ All three agree in that case you indict in secret, keep it sealed and release it the day he gets out of office.””

[Fox News’ Napolitano Says Trump is an ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirator’: ‘Ample Evidence’ to Indict POTUS]

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3 Options

The DOJ (Department of Justice) has 3 options according to Judge Napolitano of Fox News.

  1. Does the DOJ “want” to indict a sitting president.
  2. Can’t indict a sitting president.
  3. Seal in the darkness indict later.

Get it?

“The Law” allows the DOJ to be lawless in the name of the law at any time.

This is why so much injustice floods over the land crushing the innocent and the humble.

Never believe a Judge and especially a Prosecutor when they tell you they are unable to prosecute because there are so many cross-tongued laws on the books that they can, and do, prosecute when it is to their advantage at any time.

Prosecutors makeup charges, or extort with the weight of legalizing, upon the backs of the innocent whenever they choose all the time.

Even among the guilty their plea-bargaining extortions very often do not reflect the actual crime committed and are in and of themselves a lie bullied by Prosecutors. Prosecutor plea bargaining have destroyed the courtroom and are upending the safety of all. Society is breaking down on a fundamental level, and the courts are at the forefront of this destruction. [When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong. Ecclesiastes 8:11]

Prosecutors can perform ill-deeds without fear of prosecution of their crimes against lawfulness and do so all the time.

Within the Prosecutor rank and file have arisen a unique criminal class that prospers with impunity. Like the Catholic Church that created a toxic environment for perverts to flourish, so too, the Prosecutor Class has created a protected pervert element.

There is no lawfulness within the United States Court System left, and Prosecutors can do whatever they want and the system will not only justify it but has wordy “laws” in place to allow anything and everything Prosecutors ill-desire.

This is why Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg was, and I quote King County Prosecutors as well as Satterberg, “happy,”  to hem in the righteous to pervert and paralyze the law for political advantage.

Naturally, the DOJ can perform justice at any time if it is willing, but the sinful nature of man just doesn’t lean that way.

All that is missing is the willingness to do justice with any one legal-law procedure, and it can be done.

The good nature of the law is to restrain power. The law is fraudulent when abuse of power masquerades as lawful.

Never confuse legal with lawful.

Most that is legal is not lawful within the United States court system. Indeed, the law is now paralyzed.

Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted. (Habakkuk 1:4)

Legalese is now nothing more than a diarrhea of procedures where anything a Prosecutor or Judge self-desires to inflict can be picked out of the stench of words called The Law. This is why you witness so much lawlessness in the land.

In short, there is no excuse for the DOJ not to prosecute Pervert Prosecutors like the Catholic Pervert Priests that laid down roots in a dirty soil that allowed perverts to produce their illegal fruit ~ if they had the willingness.

Indeed, the wordiness of The Law now makes the inaction excuse null and void.

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
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“Judge Andrew Napolitano says President Donald Trump could face a “doomsday” over the various investigations surrounding him.

The Fox News senior judicial analyst gave an interview on Fox News earlier Monday in which he rebuked Rudy Giuliani for saying that Robert Mueller will never be allowed to interview the president. Hours later, he doubled down when he joined Fox News anchor Shepard Smith and said Tru”

[Fox News’ Napolitano Says Trump is an ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirator’: ‘Ample Evidence’ to Indict POTUS]


“He also discussed the president’s current legal strategy. The judge speculated that Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer as well as a former New York City mayor, has been saying he would never allow the president to speak with Robert Mueller — and, additionally, has been trying to turn public opinion against the special counsel — in order to negotiate better terms for his client. According to Napolitano’s theory, Giuliani is concerned that Trump could put himself in trouble if he gets subpoenaed or testifies before a grand jury. Giuliani would, according to this strategic logic, prefer to placate Mueller in a way that doesn’t legally imperil his client.

Napolitano struck a contrast between Giuliani’s approach in helping Trump and the strategy employed by President Bill Clinton when he was facing his own legal scandal in the 1990s.

“Bill Clinton was interrogated before a grand jury and he chose to have it on live national television so that there’d be no dispute about what he said,” Napolitano told Smith. “And he had it done in the White House. The grand jury was not there, but the prosecutors were, and then that tape was played for the grand jury immediately.””

[Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Trump may have already been secretly indicted |]