Refocus: Judge Susan Craighead : King County Court Corruption

Refocus: Judge Susan Craighead : King County Court Corruption

Judge Susan Craighead – King County Prosecutors Prejudices



Platitude Punches
The Devil’s Parables

King County Courts are overflowing with distorted self-serving lies and that is why Judge Susan Craighead and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg are on such friendly terms with useless words like “systemic issues, racial inequity, and income inequality.”

Indeed, they relish false accusations, liars and empty conclusions in their courtrooms.

Be on guard against such unrepentant political sinners for they have ruined family, friends, whole countries and caused nations to go to war. The destruction of life, liberty, friend and family are now wrecking havoc in Seattle of King County Washington because Judge Susan Craighead and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg will not repent of their many sins.

The righteous can only fear what will one day overtake them on The Day of Judgment for the wholesale destruction their kind have brought in our neighborhoods.

Platitude Punches:

Proclaiming emotional generalized statements with specific facts to manipulate listeners.


Space is really dark and cold, a lonely place where no life has been found. It is a hostile and desperate place.  The moon is full of empty craters where deepening dark shadows fill-in it’s depressions. All light, warmth and happiness are thrown-out of these pits by this darkness. That is after all the nature of green cheese with its holes and cavities which the moon is made of.


Ignore, reject and keep away from these bigoted officials who are proclaiming Platitude Punches so you will not be manipulated by their false-judgments. Their conclusions are wrong and their judgments are full of empty life-destroying judgmental bias.

The racial unrest in the United States is a direct result of a legal system that first destroyed society and now wants to proclaim itself “healer.”

This is why the blind cannot lead the blind and we must pity anyone who is forced to enter their courtrooms. No one should have to endure their legal inequity, systematic perversion of The Law and their truth inequality.

After all Platitudes are the Devil’s Parables and thus the reason Judge Lori K. Smith used a Platitude Punch to advance herself before a jury at the cost of an innocent man, sound logic, physical realities and King County Prosecutors perversion of the The Law.

Hear this, you leaders of the house of Jacob, you rulers of the house of Israel, who despise justice and distort all that is right; (Micah 3:9)


Greetings Judge Susan Craighead – I assume these individuals are not white-enough to understand.

I fully realize your friend and fiend towards justice King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg simply states So what!” to evidence, but these two twins are surely non-white-enough even for you.

At least they look non-white to me, but then I am too non-white according to you to understand the lack of justice in King County Court and the King County Prosecutor’s office. After all, according to King County Prosecutor Jason Simmons and gang, there were not enough black members attending Sound Doctrine Church at the time to merit any reasonable rule of The Law.

Still waiting for your call so that I too may hitch a ride on your “high horse.”

Badge Bias

The hatred, rioting, and looting in Seattle Washington are a direct result of Badge Bias, not racial inequality.

It is Judges, Prosecutors, and Police that have laid a volatile foundation of hatred, resentment, and corruption within the legal system.

Thanks, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Judge Susan Craighead.

No wonder the Enumclaw Police are emboldened to promote Police Corruption in the City of Enumclaw Washington.



King County Judge Susan Craighead should not be worried about “unconscious white bias” when overt, arrogant, fully conscious, out-in-the-open Badge-Bias is wreaking havoc upon the justice in the legal system by her good friends the Judges and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s “ministers of justice.”

For Judge Susan Craighead’s discussion on the “unconscious bias” of “white” folks, psycho-babble, “high-horse”  scroll down into the post. Warning, if you are white Judge Susan Craighead is pretty sure you will not understand.

For factual, fully conscious Badge-Bias click on the graphic below.

Judge Susan J. Craighead and King County Prosecutor ought to be dealing a death-blow to the overwhelming prejudice of favoritism between Police – Prosecutors and Judges.

  • Judge Susan J. Craighead instead of pounding the gravel at a phantom white bias you ought to be prosecuting favoritism between police and King County Prosecutors.  Privileged-Badge-Bias is real, tangible and destroying The Law. This very real prejudices, to the vile tune, of promoting Enumclaw Police Baptist Church Doctrines because he wears a King County Badge! Because Enumclaw Sargent Grant McCall was a policeman King County Prosecutors put his Baptist Church Doctrines of Puyallup in Washington State front and center in King County Courts to attack a church Grant McCall opposes and had framed. Because Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall opposes Sound Doctrine Church, (Timothy Williams) McCall used slander, lies and an ongoing hate-crime for his frame-up. Such is the Enumclaw Police King James Bible only Privileged-Badge-Bias “special relationship” King County Prosecutors have been stroking the police for years.

Still waiting for your call Judge Susan J. Craighead.


Badge-Bias is the legal system supporting, protecting and perverting the laws of Washington to benefit those who serve prosecutors while wearing a badge. Badge-Bias is an abuse of power that destroys justice while wreaking havoc upon the lives of many in the Seattle area of King County Washington. King County Prosecutors applied full force Badge-Bias to the City of Enumclaw’s King James Bible Only Baptist theology to empower Policeman Grant McCall’s bigoted shakedown of pastor Timothy Williams of Sound Doctrine Church.

“…and the version of the Bible I believe in.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall
King County Prosecutors Fully Supported
King County Court Testimony

Judge Susan J. Craighead instead of dealing with things “unconscious” should be striking a blow against conscious Badge-Bias.

Badge-Bias for which there is more than enough factual, evidential and provable proof to demonstrate to Judge Susan J. Craighead that here energies should be directed elsewhere. That is of course why Judge Susan J. Craighead had not contacted me.

King County Prosecutors with the signature approval of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg who is a friendly colleague of Judge Susan J. Craighead power-played the very conscious Badge-Bias that permeates King County Courts of Seattle for the Enumclaw Police.

Badge-Bias is the overweening self-serving and protectionism that abuses The Law to protect, enhance and entertain their fellow Policepersons, Politicians and Judges so that justice is perverted.

King County Policeman Grant McCall of Enumclaw Washington Bible version had the Badge-Bias gun-enforcing prejudice of the King County Court system to be made the defacto church doctrine by which Timothy Williams (Sound Doctrine Church) was punished under.

Then, Detective, Grant McCall believes that the Christians Church should only use the King James Version of the Bible for English speaking people.

Such self-righteous Baptist look down on and view anyone who would dare preach from any other version of the Bible as sinfully corrupt. To put it in Policeman McCall’s words, “the scriptures didn’t look quite right to me.”

One reason Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall was unable and unwilling to be a detective for facts and truth is that his self-righteous zeal for the Baptist doctrine of King James Bible only theology created a dark prism for which all facts are forced to fit his bigotry.

Like southern bigots that are prejudice against blacks every action such individuals make or do not make, is twisted to conform and confirm the prejudice of the bigotry.

Below is a capture of Enumclaw Police Grant McCall’s church web site.


Enumclaw Police Grant McCall's Church
Enumclaw Police Grant McCall’s Church


Judge Susan J. Craighead


Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

ensure corruption gets a promotion

“Only gays and minorities have any rights in King County Courts.”

City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds

Much more on Mike Reynolds Attorney City of Enumclaw at

If you are a white, Christian male, a preacher of living a holy life King County Courts, Prosecutors and King County Enablers eagerly await a False Accuser.

Such a mover and shaker of a Washington State-sanctioned hate-crime are endorsed by King County Prosecutors of Washington State. If False Accusers conform to the sociopathic judges and prosecutors no investigation into the accusations is permitted.

All of King County Washington State as City of Enumclaw Attorney Mike Reynolds declares know this is a fact and thus structure how to slam the grinding wheels of power to their advantage.

Indeed, King County Prosecutors did just that along with the City of Enumclaw.

Corruption Gets A Promotion

Trials without evidence are now in the norm with, King County Judges & Prosecutors

Seattle’s King County Judges are allowing, encouraging and facilitating King County Prosecutors and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg to use liars for their own selfish end-goals.

It takes Federal Judges to raise the alarm as the Judges in King County Washington are wallowing in the legal mud pits of King County Court Corruption.

While Judge Susan Craighead is chasing vote-enhancing phantom prejudices the very real corruption of Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is a wild-fire of scorched earth prosecutions destroying the rule of law.

See for City of Enumclaw hate crime against white, male, Christian preacher Timothy Williams.

And we will know how stupid King County Judges think white, male, Christian preachers of holiness are.

Especially Judge Susan Craighead and Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg prejudices view such Christians as white, blind and stupid.

To be sure, know that bigotry to attack a straight Christian, white male, in Washington State is highly sought after. Indeed any false accusation that benefits King County Prosecutors will be forced labeled as a “fact”. Lying “facts” that are not investigated, tested or examine to see if the False Accusations meet the criteria referred to as truth.

You can bet your white Christian male freedom that Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and King County Judge Susan Craighead know which way the winds are blowing when it comes time to seek voters and will help each other deliver up promotable prosecutions.

Judge Susan Craighead
Explains King County Culture of Court Corruption

Judge Susan Craighead and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg enable the corruption to promote themselves to the top of the political food chain.

One can only shudder at the number of good families King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, and Judge Susan Craighead are destroying all for self-advancement.

Even now Dan Satterberg and Susan Craighead are manipulating minorities, twisting prejudices, stirring up the division while destroying the foundations of good law so that they can fulfill their lusts of selfish ambition.

The result, of course, is lawlessness and injustice on a massive societal scale. (See King County Courts Endorsed Hate Crime)

For where there is envy and selfish ambition, there will also be disorder and wickedness of every kind. (James 3:16)

The evidence of Judge Susan Craighead’s email demonstrates all too loudly that Judge Susan Craighead and King County Court Corruption will keep documents, as many as they can, through their lawlessness, in the darkness.

The reason why is reasonable enough to understand.

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. (John 3:20)

As the Seattle Times openly reported, King County Prosecutors anti-christian bigotry was inflamed by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

King County Judges are enabling Seattle’s King County Prosecutors to corrupt the whole of the prosectural procedural system.

For evidence see for hard evidence.

Judge Susan Craighead King County Court Corruption eMail


From one judge to another – “not very painful.”

  • What contempt for justice.
  • What contempt for public requests (quality control).
  • What contempt for humility, what mocking and self-righteousness.

PAO (Prosecuting Attorneys Office) represents us and generally the process is not particularly painful…  Judge Susan Craighead, King County Courts

Just a bunch of poor folks wanting justice, so don’t sweat it.

Besides King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and every prosecutor has Judge Susan Craighead’s back.

To be sure, the justice system rides the peoples’ back, but Prosecutor Satterberg communicates loud and clear for judges, “not very painful.”

Hey, why take injustice serious? Such demands for justice are just “disgruntled” little people and Dan Satterberg will take care of them for you.

Now, wonder, wonder, who the Judges are going to side with in a trial?

If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them, both are others higher still. (Ecclesiastes 5:8)

It’s ok, Susan we are just one of those annoying little people King County Courts destroys on a whim because of your personal prejudices and your lusts for power.

2 3 4

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams

From: Stirring Up Division

““Do you think police really are biased against African-Americans?” he asked me earnestly. One thing I observed about Utah is its homogeneity – it is full of blonde, blue-eyed families. No wonder this was a mystery to him.”

What unadulterated bigotry and hatred that is being abusively enforced upon those who are too “blonde” and “blue-eyed.” Anyone a part of the “blonde, blue-eyed” family will be denied justice and forced to accept Judge Susan Craighead of Seattle’s politically hate charged rhetoric.

The “urgent conversation” is not a black problem, not a white problem, not a native-American problem it is a justice problem. Judges, Prosecutors, and Police are attempting to divide us with these false minority whipping points to smoke-screen the fact of corruption within the judicial system. And Judge Susan Craighead has yet to return my offering of a real conversation on justice.

Judge Susan Craighead is promoting racist division with the weight of King County Court punitive powers.

One thing I observed about Utah is its homogeneity – it is full of blonde, blue-eyed families. No wonder this was a mystery to him.

Judge Susan Craighead, Seattle, King County Washington

Such one sided, factually incorrect, divisive constructed ideology for selfish gain should be punished at a minumine by the Washington State Bar Association.

…who plots evil with deceit in his heart- he always stirs up dissension. (Proverbs 6:14)

Judge Susan Craighead with the full approval of the Youth Justice Court attacks, demeans and radicalized a discussion of Youth Justice, just as King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg attacks innocent Christians for voting gains. Fact is both Judge Susan Craighead and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg work together on this full scall corrupted use of power to their benefit.

Judge Craighead wrote that Utah is “Full of blonde blue-eyed families” thus verbally attacking and belittling so that anything they do, declare or discuss are predictably made inferior just because they can never not be “blonde, blue-eyed families.”

This is outrageous prejudiced that if it were applied to a black family Judge Craighead would rightly lose her judgeship.

There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. ( Proverbs 6:16-19)

  • Prosecutor Jason Simmons in the opening trial of a fact-less prosecution placed the evil suspicion before minority Judge Lori K. Smith and minority False Accuser of “How many minority individuals are members of Sound Doctrine?” This blatant bigotry by Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Judge Susan Craighead needs to cease now.

Everyone might want to also take note, and deal with Prosecutor Dan Satterberg who prejudiced actions attack religious families works with Judge Susan Craighead. It should be required that Prosecutor Dan Satterberg take a religious tolerance test. These two individuals seem bent on stirring up racial and religious division. Now, pressing on.

Hey white people…

Hey blond people…

Hey anyone not white like Judge Susan Craighead is just too stupid to get what is going on…

Excuse me Honorable Judge Susan Craighead but just who do you think you are?

With this kind of overweening pride there is no wonder to it why Judge Craighead is so cozy with King County Prosecutors. It is the same kind as Judge Lori K. Smith that guided a fact-less conviction. Notice in the article below that Judge Susan Craighead doesn’t answer the man’s question – she attacked the fact he is white, “blond” and from a demographic, that is the same. In short, Judge Susan Craighead is prejudice and I would hate to be a white guy in her courtroom. Just like Judge Lori K. Smith’s courtroom.

If Judge Susan Craighead is serious about black individuals being shot then she should look in the mirror and then clean up the abusive power of the King County Prosecutor’s Office she has enabled.

  • Note: Both Judge Susan Craighead and set-up Satterberg are mocking the same prejudice “test.”

Clearly, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Judge Susan Craighead are way too full of food, i.e., too much time on their hands.

Overwhelming hypocrisy of Judge Susan Craighead who illegally is using her position to lobby the government while hypocritically using reverse prejudice for the promotion of herself. A-typical of the Washington Legal Courts. Ms. Susan Craighead is sooo very much smarter than the rest of us because she knows about the IAT test. A 15-minute test that would solve all the problems.

Not only is this psycho-babel, but it’s also just stupid. All the police shootings couldn’t be the result of Judge Susan Craighead kowtowing to the prosecutor’s office which corrupts the police. Naw – never the court’s fault.

What a bunch of psycho-babel coming from Judge Susan Craighead. Not gay-enough, not black enough, not dark-haired enough, not something enough to understand according to Judge High Horse as she likes to denote about herself. Judge Susan Craighead just proved that she is prejudice against “too blond” people. That she is the problem.

We bow down to your great insight and learning because we “too blond” individuals can never get it. What a bunch of Judge Susan Craighead arrogance and hypocrisy. A-typical for Prosecutors, Judges and all to happy Prosecutor Lisa Johnson down at King County Washington.

If Judge Susan Craighead wants to go around touting this nonsense then she should resign from being a judge. Otherwise get back to work as a judge. -gosh!

  • Hey, Judge Susan Craighead ever heard of just applying the law with justice?
  • Hey, Judge Susan Craighead ever heard of cleaning up the Prosecutor’s Office?
  • Hey, Judge Susan Craighead ever heard of “unconscious bias” of the justice system that serves only it’s self?

…a servant who becomes king, a fool who is full of food, (Proverbs 30:22)


Hey, Judge Susan Craighead how about getting back to work instead of promoting psycho-babel with its circular reasoning. If you want something that is real, honest and tangible give me a buzz. Otherwise shut-up and do your not so “painful” job. By the way, if you really want to stick with the “experts”, I am game with facts. However, be warned, Prosecutor Jason Simmons will want to know how much your expert charges per hour.


Judge Susan Craighead and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg are walking like a lobbyist, spending like a lobbyist, acting like lobbyist and talking like lobbyist – except they are doing so with guns pointed at us.*

Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson are “happy” to abuse their power – they have stated it many times.


Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
Concept of

“And then, I told my curious companion, every white police officer should read Waking Up White by Debbie Irving. I read the book during my trip at the suggestion of Chief Juvenile Court Judge Wesley Saint Clair. Frankly, most white people in positions of power should read the book.

The author grew up in a quintessentially WASP family in New England, freighted with privilege dating back to early American homesteading in Maine. She portrays herself as utterly clueless about the history of racism in America. She devoted much of her life to improving the lot of poor, mostly black and brown children as a second-grade teacher. As the years went by, she became increasingly aware that there was something she was missing when it came to race, but she could not identify what it was.

And then she took a course on race that she hoped would solve the mystery. It was in this class that her journey began. She credits a public television documentary, Race: The Power of Illusion, with helping her begin to identify the many layers of privilege insulating her from the challenges facing her students and their families.

Under the leadership of my predecessor, Judge Richard McDermott, the entire King County Superior Court bench watched the documentary, and many of us took the IAT. We spent hours at a retreat discussing the implications of implicit bias for the justice system. Since then, our Courts and Community Committee has organized an Equity and Social Justice Book Club. Next week, we will be meeting to discuss the recent violence that has resulted in dead African-American men and dead police officers.

The film and the book provide a lot of factual information that I don’t remember ever learning in my college history classes. For example, the GI Bill and its funds for education and housing wound up benefiting white veterans and their families far more than black veterans because there was so much segregation of universities and neighborhoods that African-American veterans were unable to take advantage of the benefits. Levittown, for example, did not allow black homeowners. Seattle was heavily red lined, a fact that might help account for its contemporary segregation.
Waking Up White

Waking Up White provided insight that I am embarrassed to say I lacked about just how uncomfortable and frightening it is for an African-American young person, for example, to be bused to a white part of town to see a play or a ballet. Or how uncomfortable and exhausting it is to be the only African-American in meetings, or in classes, or in a workplace.

Perhaps most fundamentally, the book describes the moment the author realized that she had a race. Up until her awakening in her fifties, Irving had thought of race as being for other people because “normal” was being white. I remember a similar moment for myself just after I graduated from college when I realized that, as a WASP, I had a culture. Until I was dating a Jewish man and living with a Jewish family for the summer, I had thought everyone else had a culture, as measured against the baseline – which was being a WASP.

This is the essence of privilege: To be so comfortable and dominant that one’s racial/ethnic group perceives itself as the antithesis of Other.

I know this is the season for beach reading, but I recommend to you this book, this film, and the IAT. We all need to step up to own and examine our implicit biases.

This column was first published in the King County Bar Association’s Bar Bulletin. Judge Craighead can be contacted at [email protected]

To find out more about King County Juvenile Court’s efforts to reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system, please contact the Court’s Equity and Social Justice Advocate, Jason Clark, at [email protected]


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