Mystery Writers of America Yank Award From Prosecutor

Mystery Writers of America Yank Award From Prosecutor

““She is almost single-handedly responsible for the wrongful incarceration of the Central Park Five… Just because she has a flourishing publishing career does not mean we should ignore her past — or her continued unwillingness to accept responsibility for ruining five innocent men’s lives… I cannot support this decision.”” – [ Mystery Writers of America withdraw honorary award ]

“Fairstein fired back, “I was neither the prosecutor nor investigator in the case you mention. I was certainly NOT the person who ‘singlehandedly spearheaded’ the investigation. Why don’t you and I have a civilized conversation, so I can refresh you with the facts?” She further posted: “Your anger and comments are so misdirected. There are FACTS and TRUTHS. Learn them.”” – [ Mystery Writers of America withdraw honorary award ]

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Former prosecutor Linda Fairstein, now author, is upset at the fact her book award was yanked because prosecutors are out-of-control.

Her false justification?

That she was “NOT the person” in charge or part of the prosecutor team that attempted to ruin innocent lives for the sake of self-advancement and her self-righteousness. (See Wikipedia for facts.)

Assuming Ms. Fairstein actually has some honest “FACTS” and “TRUTHS” such do not matter because former prosecutor Linda Fairstein did NOT DENOUNCE the corruption, nor CALL FOR PUNISHMENT against the prosecutors in question.

It appears Ms. Linda Fairstein had to be named in a lawsuit to get any amount of due process towards the innocent individuals and families she destroyed let alone calling for the prosecution of fellow prosecutors and police involved.

In short, mystery writer and former prosecutor Linda Fairstein did not perform due diligence upon her fellow prosecutors.

Instead, she actively turned a blind-eye to full-scale corruption within the prosecutor’s office.

Further insulting justice former prosecutor Linda Fairstein is “ENORMOUSLY PROUD” of the corruption. Now you know who and why legal due process is being undermined within the legal system for those faslely accused of sex crimes.

  • “I remain enormously proud of our pioneering work at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit” – [ Mystery Writers of America withdraw honorary award ]

It is like binding a stone in a sling to give honor to a fool. Proverbs 26:8

It appears former prosecutor Linda Fairstein expects everyone else to keep a clean house free of corruption except herself and fellow prosecutors. Just all part of that, and here I quote, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg  of Seattle Washington, “unique” super-special-above-the-law-and-accountability prosecutors have positioned themselves into.

Mystery Writers of America (MWA) did the right thing by withdrawing the award and now we wait to hear from other prosecutors stating such was the correct action.1

One can only shudder at the mystery number of how many individuals have been falsely accused and incarcerated because former prosecutor Linda Fairstein refused to expose corruption in the prosecutor’s office.

After all, as a best selling author of crime novels author Linda Fairstein is clearly an expert at making things up so as to frame a story-line that makes a character guilty!

It is not difficult to imagine where Ms. Fairstein got her experience at make-believe accusations.

  • Central Park Jogger case Fairstein’s office supervised the prosecution in 1990 of the Central Park Jogger case, which ended in the conviction of five teenagers [12] who were later exonerated of any part in the crime. In a settlement lawsuit it was claimed that Fairstein, with the assistance of the detectives at the 20th precinct, coerced false confessions from the five arrested teenagers following thirty straight hours of interrogation and intimidation, of both the youths and their supporting adults.[” – [ Linda Fairstein – Wikipedia ]

Hey former prosecutor Linda Fairstein you can contact me as I am more than ready to, as you stated, “have a civilized conversation, so I can refresh you with the facts.” See Contact Page.

In the meantime Ms. Fairstein as I sit waiting at the phone for your call you can meditate that the following TRUTH and FACT apply to prosecutors.

If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible. Leviticus 5:1

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
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“Fairstein had earlier posted when she learned of the honor, “I am Mystery Writers of America 2019 GRANDMASTER…..I’m pinching myself.”

But the Mystery Writers of America stated on Thursday: “After profound reflection, the Board has decided that MWA cannot move forward with an award that lacks the support of such a large percentage of our members.” It added that the board had been “unaware of Ms. Fairstein’s role in the controversy” and that it will be “reevaluating and significantly revising its procedures for selecting honorary awards in the future.”

Locke posted after the decision, “Thank you ⁦@EdgarAwards⁩ for listening.” Others who expressed outrage included Steph Cha, who wrote in the LA Times, “She shouldn’t be the toast of a black-tie literary gala — she should be notorious.”” – [ Mystery Writers of America withdraw honorary award ]