Satanic Christmas Tree Theft

Satanic Christmas Tree Theft

“Walker told the outlet he was worried that if the thievery continues, the group’s “Satanic Christmas Tree” will run out of ornaments. He said the group’s 140 decorations were mostly handmade, with some depicting images of Krampus, a mythological creature said to punish naughty children during Christmastime.” – [ Satanic group says someone stole ornaments off ‘Satanic Christmas tree’: report | Fox News ]

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Few things are worse than 1/2 normal people.

Let us get this straight. Satanist, as in worshiping the Devil kinda Satanist are complaining because someone stole their “pentagrams and inverted crosses”?

Wouldn’t such thieves, like the Seattle Satanist Kindergarten Club, recommended by the Washington State Supreme Court and Seattle Times, be acting upon their tenants of faith – to rebel, to lie and to steal?

If you will not stay away from, rejecting Satanist fully, because of who they have openly sold their soul to, at least just stay away from such fools who have no idea what they are talking about. Because anyone 1/2 sane is 1/2 insane.

Now you know why none of my golfing buddies are Washington State Supreme Court Judges. After all only those half sane would codify in law authority for a group’s whose stated goal is to lie to the Supreme Court and seduce children to lie. One does not make it lawful to betray lawfulness without being a fool. After all, who in their right mind sanctions by law the overthrow of their positions of law?

Stay away from a fool, for you will not find knowledge on their lips. Proverbs 14:7

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
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“A Satanic group in California had ornaments stolen off their “Satanic Christmas Tree” this weekend after a public decorating event, a report said.

The Satanic Bay Area group, while not surprised, said it was disappointed that a significant amount of their decorations—which included pentagrams and inverted crosses—were stolen from San Jose’s annual Christmas in the Park tree decorating event, SFGate reported.

“Ornament theft is a thing that happens at Christmas in the Park, unfortunately, and we even anticipated that ahead of time,” Satanic Bay Area organizer Daniel Walker told the outlet. “I don’t want to say we don’t mind, because it is annoying, but at the same time, [theft] is a fact of life.”

The event has used a mix of staff, private security and police to watch over this year’s 550 trees, but officials said it’s still impossible to keep an eye on every tree.” – [ Satanic group says someone stole ornaments off ‘Satanic Christmas tree’: report | Fox News ]

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(—“SALEM, Mass. (AP) — The Satanic Temple is waging religious battles along a variety of fronts nationwide, and its co-founder says it’s just getting started.

The 3-year-old organization is fighting to get a nearly 9-foot, 1.5-ton statue of the goat-headed idol Baphomet placed on the Arkansas Capitol grounds as a counterpoint to a planned Ten Commandments monument.

Members have also proposed “After School Satan Clubs” in elementary schools from Oregon to Georgia where evangelical Christian “Good News Clubs” are operating.

And they’ve been pushing city councils from Alaska to Massachusetts to allow Satanists to give the opening prayer at public meetings — just as Christian, Jewish and other religious clerics have long done.” – [ Satanic leader: After-school clubs send positive message | The Seattle Times ]