“Thank God he did.” SpongeBob

“Thank God he did.” SpongeBob

“Thank God he did. SpongeBob has evolved into a paragon of hard work, tenacity and moral fibre; with his job as a short-order chef, he is one of the few working class heroes on US television; his friendship with Patrick is movingly pure. As Kenny told me: “Twentysomethings thank me for their childhood … SpongeBob lives at the bottom of the sea, but he brings a lot of great stuff to the surface.”

Hillenburg had wanted to call SpongeBob “Spongeboy”, but was foiled by a mop company. “I eventually thought of SpongeBob, but he needed a last name – SquarePants came to mind,” he said, with perfect blitheness, as if the name was as workaday as Smith or Jones. It was a reminder that true artistic genius is never aware of itself. Hillenburg has died too young, but his legacy as a loud surrealist and quiet moralist is unique, and shows that he lived as we all should: like a bright, confident sponge.” – [ Stephen Hillenburg: the naive genius who made SpongeBob a cultural titan | Television & radio | The Guardian ]

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Thank God he did.
-Stephen Hillenburg: the naive genius who made SpongeBob a culture titan

but the mind of a fool broadcasts folly. Proverbs 12:23

Poor Mr. Hillenburg, how he now regrets such ignorant works as SpongeBob.

It was not The God that SpongeBob and company are giving thanks to – but the god of this world. The god of this world that floods it with impurity, worthless imaginations and the creation of fools.

Morals, righteousness, and holiness cannot be reduced down to a cartoon level of loud folly and defiance — both the trademark of sinful SquareBob pants.

SquareBob or Mr. Hillenburg’s legacy and deeds will follow him first to the Judgement Seat of God then where he does not want to go.

Hillenburg has died too young, but his legacy as a loud surrealist and quiet moralist is unique, -[ The Guardian ]

 The devising of folly is sin, Proverbs 24:9

As you watch the cartoon SquareBob, it becomes clear that folly is used to propagandize childish minds who grow up to approach problems with childish minds.

Children lap up folly, and thus human interaction is reduced to “literal cartoon versions of human behavior.”

Wonder not ye that no one can get along in society today.

Think children on a playground without any adults around.

That all of this is marketed with platitudes of moral duty makes it a deadly combo.

“Hillenburg stripped our world back to literal cartoon versions of human behaviour.” – [ The Guardian ]

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Well, what can one say?

If those moral icons of virtue such as David Hasselhoff of Baywatch declare SquareBob “a unique and fantastic character” who am I to interject any wisdom into the matter.