Expert Foundation Builders

Expert Foundation Builders

No, no not eye foundation but building foundations for the soul.

“Building a New House? You Need to Start from the Ground Up

One of the items related to building your dream home that may not be keeping you up at night – but should – is your home’s foundation. It’s easy to get caught up in home décor elements, floor plans, paint colors, appliances, and landscaping, but you really have to start with the basics, and that includes house plan foundations.

There are a variety of factors that go into narrowing down the right foundation for your home. Some examples include whether the land on which your house will be built is made up of sand or clay soil and whether it is on wetlands, on bedrock, or is prone to flooding. In the end, though, the type of soil at your building lot will largely determine the type of foundation you’ll need to support your home.” – [ Tips for Choosing the Best Foundation for Your New House Plan ]

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When it comes to your soul, not just any foundation should do. Every individual soul should be concerned that they have the best, the top-quality foundation laid down in their life.

The foundation in God that is tailored to the soul of their heart and life. An offense of a carried cross designed just for them made ready by the Living God.

Alas, most individuals barely bother with a proper inspection of their foundation let alone actually are concerned with any foundation.

In the end, such homes will perish – and that is the best case senario.

The best way to protect yourself and your home is to hire an established builder with a long-standing reputation for quality work. As an added precaution, you could hire an independent inspector to check the foundation before framing begins. -[ Building a Solid Foundation for Your New Home ]

These are words to the deaf, but you had better seek out a “skilled master builder” foundational builder in Jesus if you expect to have any reward from the Living God let alone save your soul from hell.

Yea, yea I know you might “follow a man,” have to give up your pride and of course pay the cost for a good foundation. Whine, whine and no wine of the Spirit for such individuals.

It matters not if you use costly materials or hay and straw if the building is not skilled by a master builder the whole house will be on shakey ground.

According to God’s grace that was given to me, I have laid a foundation as a skilled master builder, and another builds on it.

But each one must be careful how he builds on it for no one can lay any other foundation than what has been laid down. That foundation is Jesus Christ.

If anyone builds on that foundation with gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay, or straw,  each one’s work will become obvious, for the day will disclose it because it will be revealed by fire; the fire will test the quality of each one’s work.  If anyone’s work that he has built survives, he will receive a reward.

If anyone’s work is burned up, it will be lost, but he will be saved; yet it will be like an escape through fire. 1 Corinthians 3:10-15

Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
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“A proper foundation does more than just hold a house above ground. It also keeps out moisture, insulates against the cold, and resists movement of the earth around it. Oh, and one more thing: It should last forever. No wonder builders like This Old House general contractor Tom Silva take foundations seriously. “Without a good one,” he says, “you’re sunk.”

For Tom, “good” means steel-reinforced foundation walls and footings made of poured concrete. By comparison, all the laboriously assembled foundations of stone, brick, and mortar that have supported buildings for centuries—even the walls of concrete block that most builders were using when This Old House was launched 25 years ago—are just crack- and leak-prone dinosaurs.

But a good foundation requires a lot more than digging a hole and pouring some concrete into forms. It must be tailored to its site like a custom suit, taking into account soil conditions, water tables, even the quality of the backfill. And as with a custom suit, every detail must be perfect: the base properly compacted, the formwork set up right, the concrete free of voids. Neglect even one of these, and the most carefully poured foundation can fail. Until a better method comes along, here’s how Tom builds a foundation that lasts.” – [ From the Ground Up: Foundations | This Old House ]

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.  The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on rock.  And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not act on them will be like a foolish man who built his house on sand.  The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell—and great was its fall!” Matthew 7:24-27