Haunted disk-drive?

Haunted disk-drive?

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To be sure there are such things as ghosts, demons and more than adverage evil men, but not all that is spooky is unexplainable.

Of course, many things that are explainable should be considered spooky.

Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what it fears, or be in dread.
Isaiah 8:12

  • And so the mystery was solved. “No ghosts – unless the condensation counts as digital ectoplasm,” said Alexis. – The Register

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(theregister.co.uk)—“The issue was that, first thing in a morning, the computer wouldn’t work properly, but after a couple of hours it would begin functioning properly – until the following morning, when the problem reccured.”*

The firm was stumped. It had had the hardware tested, and done the same for the software on the floppy disks, but everything came back fine.

Alexis said that before the end of the alcohol-fuelled lunch, at about 4pm (those were the days!), the MD had even confided that there was a rumour that the office, located in an old building near St Paul’s Cathedral, was haunted.

“It had even been suggested that perhaps the ghost objected to the introduction of new technology into an office that probably hadn’t changed much since Victorian times,” he said.