Court Reaping “No Idea”

Court Reaping “No Idea”

Judge T.S. Ellis III revealed in open court Friday that he has received death threats relating to his presiding over Paul Manafort’s trial for bank and tax fraud at a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. The judge has since retained the protection of the U.S. Marshals Service. “I have the marshal’s protection,” Ellis said. “I don’t even go to the hotel alone. I won’t even reveal the name of the hotel.”

“I had no idea this case excited this emotion in the public,” he added.

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“No idea”?

Not a clue that Prosecutors have been enraging lynch-mob juries, vomiting on expert witnesses, tormenting the innocent, bribing witnesses and en-powering violence to overthrow the opinion of others for the sake of personal profit, really …not a clue?

Might want to request your Gay Sticker from the Seattle Police Department for starters, or behold the hate crime against Sound Doctrine Church, aka, Timothy Williams, then give me a call.

Judge T.S. Ellis III has “no idea” that Prosecutors have demonstrated monstrous contempt for lawfulness while courts have unleashed assault upon the general population as a form of free speech. Well, Judge T.S. Ellis III you, the courts, are reaping what you have sown.

Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for you reap whatever you sow. Galatians 6:7

Prosecutors have thrown words, reason, logic, evidence and lawfulness against the wall  – all for selfish gain – and you Judge T.S. Ellis III have no idea?

The scorched earth contempt Prosecutors, through Police and Judges, demonstrate have en-lived everyone to consider lawfulness a stale joke.

Just see Ropert Kepple who also has “no idea” why everyone is mad at Prosecutors.

My most current warning was to the Georgia Supreme Court.

However, for a Seattle, King County Washington Prosecutor Court Corruption see and behold Prosecutor Dan Satterburg contempt for lawfulness, logic, evidence and innocent families.

For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. Hosea 8:7 

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Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
Concept of in Manafort trial says hes been threatened over case

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(—Jurors in the trial of ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort were sent home for the weekend, as the judge in the fraud trial revealed Friday he has received threats over the case and now travels with U.S. Marshals. U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, in rejecting a motion to release juror information to the media, argued that he’s confident the jurors would be threatened as well if their information were to be made public.  “I can tell you there have been [threats]. … I don’t feel right if I release their names,” he said, adding that because of threats against him, “The Marshals go where I go.”  The startling revelation came as the jury completed its second day of deliberations without a verdict. The jury will reconvene Monday.  Ellis, a famously prickly judge known for his colorful comments, has attracted considerable attention during the Manafort trial for his frequent sparring with the attorneys — particularly those on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.  Earlier Friday morning, Ellis acknowledged facing pushback about how he’s handled this case. He told attorneys “I’m no stranger to criticism,” but said “this case has brought it to a new level.” The juror motion itself was filed by multiple news organizations – the Washington Post, New York Times, AP, CNN, NBC, Politico and BuzzFeed. They sought to unseal records in the case, including information about the jurors.