Dept. State & Religious Freedom

Dept. State & Religious Freedom

Never before has there been a gathering of so many senior-ranking officials and their delegations, plus activists and NGO’s, for the purpose of religious freedom.

Ambassador Sam Brownback, America’s ambassador-at-large for religious freedom, kicked off the ministerial Tuesday morning.

“Religious freedom really, truly is for everyone. It’s a right given by God and is a beautiful part of our human dignity,” Brownback said.

It is a testament to the fact that the U.S. considers it a high priority — but also that religious freedoms around the world are eroding and more and more countries are looking for solutions.

– U.S. State Department

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Washington State, Seattle’s King County Government, more notably, King County Prosecutors are not going to like the concept of religious freedom 1 bit. From Enumclaw Washington across the State of Washington, the anti-Christian attacks are well known amongst legal circles.

There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil, but joy for those who promote peace. (Proverbs 12:20)

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On June 13, 2018, the Attorney General announced the Place to Worship Initiative.  The goal of the Initiative is to increase enforcement and public awareness of the land use provisions of RLUIPA.  These provisions protect places of worship and other religious uses of property (including religious schools and religious social service providers) in the zoning and landmarking process from actions by local governments that: ~ Department of Justice

Seattle’s own King County Prosecutors:

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg‘s Office

We can all certainly pray the U.S. State Department is about action!


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(—“It appears now John was set-up for arrest because of his faith-driven work and accused of a fabricated crime, facilitating organized border crossing — a charge that is usually given to human traffickers,” Powell said.