Chicago Rat Capital

Chicago Rat Capital

Chicago logged over 50,000 rat-related complaints last year, according to data reviewed by Renthop.

“Most of the neighborhoods with a higher concentration of rat complaints coincide with the neighborhoods with a higher concentration of dog poop,” according to the website.

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God, who created every detail of the Universe, the God who has numbered the hairs on your head, this God, the God is concerned, involved and highly activate about every detail of your life ~ if you let Him. Indeed, this God is concerned about the rats in a nation resulting from moving too fast spiritually for you to keep up.

But I will not drive them out in a single year, because the land would become desolate and the wild animals too numerous for you.

Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land. (Exodus 23:29-30)

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If your life is one of sin then God is actively opposing your life. If, however, you allow God to give you a New Life, and surrender to that New Life each day then God is highly active to move your life forward. Either way God is attempting to bless you.

When God raised up his servant, he sent him first to you to bless you by turning each of you from your wicked ways. (Acts 3:26)


Reviewed Unto Righteousness | Proverbs 18:2 | Timothy Williams
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(—New York City came in second with 19,152 complaints, followed by Washington, D.C. (5,036 complaints), and Boston (2,488 complaints).    The study also found that the number of complaints made by Chicago residents jumped 55 per cent since 2014.   ‘It’s part of living in a city,’ Norma Rios-Sierra told The Chicago Tribune. ‘Even during the day, you’ll see them fly through the alley.’