Study Says : Audio Books

Study Says : Audio Books


Researchers from the University College London found that listening to audiobook versions of popular novels and movies has a greater overall emotional impact than watching the films.

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The value of the study can only be evaluated by the listener. Indeed, one day it will be evaluated.

Therefore consider carefully how you listen.  ~ Jesus (Luke 8:18)


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(—The research team found that their conclusions were true across different stories, different ages, and different demographics. They also cross-referenced accelerometer data with participants’ normal heart rate data to rule out increased movement or fidgeting as a cause of elevated heart rate.

It should be noted that the study was funded by the audio book giant Naturally, CEO and founder of the company Don Katz was elated by the results revealed by the university. “This first phase of UCL research confirms what millions of Audible listeners already know — the spoken word enthrals, entertains, inspires and most importantly, moves us like nothing else,” he said.