American Toddlers Ingesting Dangerous Amounts Of Sugar

American Toddlers Ingesting Dangerous Amounts Of Sugar

Most glaringly, the sooner a child becomes addicted to sugar, the more of an addiction it becomes as they reach adulthood. In fact, the AHA recommends that parents avoid giving children added sugar before the age of two, hooking their bodies onto nutrient-rich diets. “Avoid consuming any added sugar, since they need nutrient-rich diets and are developing taste preferences,” read AHA’s guidelines. – The DailyWire

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  • As noted by Quartz, excess sugar consumption during a child’s development has serious health repercussions. – The DailyWire

If you find honey, eat just enough- too much of it, and you will vomit. (Proverbs 25:16)

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(—One of the greatest contributors to increased sugar intake, according to the 2015 to 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, is the prevalence of sweetened beverages (sodas, fruit punch, etc.) in the average American diet. Such beverages account for 47% of all added sugar consumption.