Mother’s Day : Sunday, May 13

Mother’s Day : Sunday, May 13

Honoring the Jimmy Kimmel show is…Like tying a stone in a sling is the giving of honor to a fool.1

We all know Jimmy Kimmel’s grasp of reality is only as deep as his selfish skin so let me point out a small, isty-bitsy point of wisdom. Hopefully such will not burst Mr. Kimmel’s all-important pride and self-absorbed bubble too much.

It was not Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby Daughter that Ruined Mother’s Day, it was, in fact, Mr. Kimmel.

As you watch the video note all the preparation Mr. Kimmel takes for a mother’s day dinner out. Since Mother’s Day is all Jimmy Kimmel Day to Mr. Kimmel what does he do for himself? Why Mr. Jimmy Kimmel takes his daughter out to a fancy dinner with the lie of reasoning he is doing such for Mrs. Kimmel.

Get it?

The last thing one does for Mother’s on Mother’s Day is take the children with you to dinner. Especially children bratted-up by today’s non-standard, ignorant government enforced children rule the world method of, and one must excuse the term, parenting methods. Mother’s Day is supposed to be about thanking and giving mommy, at least those who labor at home, honor and a break.

Mr. Kimmel this is how it is supposed to look.

Because a husband is thankful and wise, he has the children draw or buy something special for mommy. The gift is given to mommy then someone watches the kids and you take the wife out for a quiet dinner where just between the two of you, instead of two-million need a life viewers and show your appreciation to mommy on Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day Mr. Kimmel take your wife out to a fancy restaurant just between the two of you and give her something special. One can only assume Mrs. Kimmel would enjoy time with such an insensitive, and again, excuse the term, man.

As a bonus point, drop the camera crew off at a daycare so they too can play with others their own mental age. After all, not everything is meant to be show-n-tell.