Utah : “Woo hoo!”

Utah : “Woo hoo!”

If you send your kid out to play in the park for an hour, or buy a carton of milk, or even walk to school, guess what? If you’re in Utah, you won’t get arrested for negligence. Woo hoo!

You don’t have to worry about a trial, fines, mandatory parenting classes, jail time or even losing custody, all thanks to a new law passed unanimously by the Utah Legislature and signed this month by Gov. Gary Herbert. It goes into effect in May. It’s called the Free-Range Parents Law, named after the movement I started, Free-Range Kids. – wsj

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First, let us celebrate with Ms. Lenore Skenazy and Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah for signing the Free-Range Parents Law.


One large Woo hoo! for the State of Utah whose Governor and legislature we just keep hearing good things about for signing the Free-Range Parent Law.

Thank you Ms. Lenore Skenazy and Gov. Gary Herbert – thankyou.

Now, for the sobering reality.

The Free-Range Parents Law is akin to the bad parenting skills that have been implanted into today’s adults by the government. You see, a bad parent, in terms of parenting skills, keeps repeating what is already a given.

We are being fooled, bemused and lied to by those in authority. When we sane individuals constantly act like something is not a right, i.e. that the government must be told something is a right we are aiding and abetting a losing cause. We see this ugliness when an undisciplined child keeps shifting the conversation with an adult in order to get their way.

Repeating to the government that children belong to the parents, police shouldn’t blow away our dogs or lives and prosecutors should get back to focusing on the obviously guilty is like a parent telling a spoiled child over and over again to “stop it.” It ain’t gonna happen and the parent will keep losing ground with the spoiled brat.

This Free-Range Parent Law may throttle back the police a bit but it will not make the anonymous busy-body, self-righteous tipsters accountable for their stupidity. Acting like anonymous tips are Constitutional and in the Bill of Rights is lawlessness perpetrated in the name of lawfulness- hypocrisy – an abuse of power.

In short, don’t ever act like such is legal otherwise the government will ruin the children – further.

You see, until the anonymous tormentor is brought out into the open little has been gained with the Free-Range Parent Law and no child will be really safe.

The Constitution of the United States already said “yes” to free-range kids.

The Bill of Rights already declared “yes” we have the right to face an accuser.

It is the devilish spoiled among us that are going beyond what is clearly “yes” and “no.”

As Jesus, yep, Jesus stated:

Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. (Matthew 5:37)

Bonus Wisdom:

Consider just how much destruction has been done to the family that such a law must be written in the first place.

Woe unto such a nation of children.

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(wsj.com)—Well, I did have a spare son at home. But seriously, that very question was the reason parents were going crazy with worry. Paranoia about abduction by strangers—among the rarest of crimes—was the whole reason kids were being supervised every second. The No. 1 cause of death for children is car accidents. Yet you don’t hear talk-show hosts saying: “Oh my God, you drove your son to the dentist? How would you have felt if you got T-boned by a truck?”

I started the Free-Range Kids blog the weekend after the media firestorm, to explain that I am all for safety. I love helmets, car seats, seat belts. If you’re having a baby, my shower gift is a fire extinguisher. But I let my son go out into the big wide world without me because that’s what kids, certainly 9-year-olds, have been doing since the beginning of time.