No! Keep Making Tobacco

No! Keep Making Tobacco

In full-page ads in several U.K. newspapers on Thursday, Philip Morris said it aims to quit selling cigarettes Britain…

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No Philip Morris, please, please do not stop making cigarettes! [*]

Please ramp up your production and especially the promotion of cigarettes in ads!

For the safety and health of the majority, cigarettes need to be manufactured at an unheard of rate of production.

Here is why:

The moment all the suing lawyers, government agencies and other non-profit self-righteous do-gooders shut down tobacco products they will come after your other freedoms. See the self-righteous soda tax of Seattle for a small current example.

Individuals need to understand that without God, the Living God, these anti-groups get their self-righteous kick from crushing others.

Do you really think all the millions, if not billions of money used to cease tobacco products will just dry-up and be given back?

Do you think these self-righteous warriors of good will ignore your parent skills they do not agree with and protect your freedom?

Do you really think all the money-grubbing law firms that hide behind doing good for society will pack up and go home to do productive work?

You can bet your freedoms that they will not surrender the flow of money and the self-righteous-feel-good-high they get from suing, prosecutions and livelihoods associated with their good causes idolatry.

All these individuals, agencies and law firms will take the bent up energy from such a win over tobacco and come straight for you.

The government, law-firms and “charity” organizations will combine their efforts to latch onto anything to justify their self-interest cause hunting existence. If you need proof of this folly just look at Seattle, home of kindergarten Satan after-school Clubs.

One case in point: the war on drugs came about because law-enforcement that was enforcing prohibition needed another cause once drinking became legal again.

Literally, overnight as law enforcement in 1930 saw their cause going down the drain they began looking for another cause to go after, thus the war on drugs. And we all see how well that turned out as not everything can be solved by prosecutions – especially when the likes of King County Prosecutors in Washington State embrace the destruction of the good in the land – all, of course as Prosecutor Dan Satterberg likes to pat himself on the back in the name of “humility” and “safety.” [*]

Indeed, drugs should be illegal and there should be a real war against drug growers but it is the practiced perversion prosecutions that have proliferated the drug epidemic. In short, destroy the growers and prosecute the professing rock stars and Hollywood type that boast of doing drugs, then come back and discuss the concept of honest prosecutions.

“Woe to the obstinate children,” declares the Lord , “to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin;” (Isaiah 30:1) 

[*] Smoking cigarettes is a sin; using drugs is a sin and getting one’s justification of self-existence by cause enforcement is also a sin. If you use tobacco products, or do drugs, or are sexually immoral, or are a self-righteous non-profit it is time to repent. Drugs should not be legal but it is easy now to see that the idolatry of prosecutions is tumbling over in the anti-God halls of the legal system.

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[proverbs 18:2]

Sunday, January 14, 2018
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(—However, Deborah Arnott, chief executive of health charity Action on Smoking and Health said the “offer to support” local authorities was nothing more than a donation, which is not allowed under World Health Organization guidelines.

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Like other tobacco companies, Philip Morris has been developing alternatives to conventional cigarettes in recent years, such as e-cigarettes. Fans of the technology argue that it can help people quit smoking, a claim tobacco critics say hasn’t been definitively proven by scientific studies.

Indeed, many experts were alarmed by recent data that show increasing use of e-cigarettes by teenagers, according to Robin Koval, the head of the Truth Initiative, an anti-tobacco nonprofit.