Future Flight First Class

Future Flight First Class

The Future by Airbus concept shows the possibility of a plane that not only has holographic touch screens for entertainment systems and onboard golf simulators, but also an entire seating area surrounded by a yet-to-be-developed transparent “membrane,” allowing passengers to take in the sky. Should this concept plane become a reality, designers will be tasked with creating a completely new kind of first-class cabin, one that probably looks nothing like the ones we know today.

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Clearly your luggage is not stored in overhead bins and is probably on the wrong flight.

This is after some AI did a full background check ensuring your governmental submissiveness.

And what about the snotty-overstuffed-self-esteem-baby-of-a-child running up and down the aisle – you know – the drunk adult.

 Yet man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward. (Job 5:7)

Nice view though for praising the Living God – book me a flight.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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(architecturaldigest.com)—In the early decades of commercial aviation, flying was a luxurious experience—think lobster dinners in economy, with unlimited alcohol served in real glassware for free. They don’t call the era the Golden Age of Flight for nothing. But aviation quickly changed, with legroom becoming tighter, service becoming less refined, and passengers, more or less, being herded like cattle. While economy might be an affordable way to fly, there’s been an incredible period of innovation for first- and business-class seats, which are becoming more popular with travelers today.
The question is: What’s next for first class? – AD