Urquhart : Groping Charges

Urquhart : Groping Charges

Urquhart, in a statement Tuesday, said he took and passed a private polygraph exam during which he denied the allegations.

He also pointed out that he had fired Cleary for dishonesty three years ago amid an investigation that led to the drug-and-theft conviction of former Deputy Darrion Keith Holiwell…

Barnes said he was surprised when Urquhart allegedly touched his shoulder in a “fatherly manner,” and then used his whole hand to grab his crotch for about 10 seconds as the two stood next to Urquhart’s car that night, the statement says.

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Welcome to the King County Prosecutors Office.

You who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground (Amos 5:7)

Welcome to the French Revolution where in the name of “Public Safety” no one is safe.

With no pleasure, tried to warn everyone. Pity Sheriff Urquhart, but pity society more because any sense of justice has been thrown to the ground and is being trampled upon.

Thanks to your corrupt King County Prosecutors, like Dan Satterberg of Seattle Washington State people are charged and convicted based on the most profound absurdities.

Depending on how many enemies Sheriff Urquhart has made over the years he will either get an unfair trial that swings to a contrived guilty or not-guilty pressure point by King County Prosecutors – or whomever they pass this off to give an appearance and only an appearance of no conflict of interests. Facts, evidence and reality logic, well, those are irrelevant matters in King County Courts of Washington State.

An example you ask?

Well, here you go as one can see stupidity counts as “evidence.”

It was stated Figaro wrote that Barnes gave consistent accounts about the alleged incident during several interviews on the phone and in person. 

A good detective, ok, even a bad detective so poor at his job that like City of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall must script out false accusations, should be able to see through this lie of absurd logic for filing charges.

A “constant story”, truth or lie, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with evidence. Indeed it should count against Former deputy Brian Barnes until proven otherwise because he as a former deputy has skills to sling a story.

Former deputy Brian Barnes knows how to lie if he chooses to do so, or frame an accusation if he chooses to do so from his years as a deputy as do many a False Accuser – see www.hardtruth.us for that old-fashioned thing called evidence. If not, City of Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall will script one out for King County Prosecutors.

Gesh – how stupid for anyone to count this as a reason for a “why”  and put in a legal brief that someone should be charged with a crime because their story-line was merely consistent.

Former Deputy Darrion Keith Holiwell from the evidence, in a rational person’s opinion, which excludes King County Prosecutors, should be the one facing charges.


A 10 second, repeat 10-second crotch grab? And they have time to “investigate” this nonsense – somebody has way, way too much time on their hands.* And, and it took over three years, over 1095 days or 26,280 hours to “investigate” a 10-second crotch grab by a fired employee? And now some other prosecutor wants two more weeks?

Correction: It was a two-month investigation into a two-year-old alleged crime. “Renton police Commander Daniel Figaro’s two-month investigation…”. This underscores the statute of limitations should be drastically reduced.

No wonder smart people are never allowed to make it through jury duty selection in King County of Washington State.

It takes two weeks to figure what to do about a three-year investigation into an alleged 10-second grope that arrives upstairs just after a failed re-election bid? Well, it took me five seconds to figure out that a 10-second groping accusation is false, or just nonsensical as to be laughable, and the prosecutor that moved this up the power chain needs a mental health evaluation before they ruin someone else’s life. (See Driven To Drink)

As mentioned above, welcome to the French Revolution in Seattle, King County Washington.

* This situation appears to need an investigation into a possible politically motivated setup or retaliation. Something is not quite up-to-snuff because sheer stupidy or incompetence has not been ruled out.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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(seattletimes.com)—A risk manager said the county’s failure to obtain executive approval of Barnes’ settlement was a mistake, and Urquhart says the agreement was negotiated to rid the department of Barnes, whom the sheriff calls an “organizational terrorist” with a history of making false allegations.

Figaro’s probable-cause statement details Barnes’ allegations as he described them during interviews in Renton in October. As part of his investigation, Figaro brought Barnes to the restaurant’s parking lot and had him show body positioning against a Ford Crown Victoria used to simulate Urquhart’s unmarked police cruiser.

Barnes said he was surprised when Urquhart allegedly touched his shoulder in a “fatherly manner,” and then used his whole hand to grab his crotch for about 10 seconds as the two stood next to Urquhart’s car that night, the statement says.