10,000 Women

10,000 Women

Ric Flair the greatest and most entertaining wrestler of all time?

“Nature Boy” – the “30 for 30” documentary that premieres 10-11:30 p.m. Tuesday on ESPN – certainly makes that argument, while also depicting him as deeply flawed in his personal life.

“In some ways, he transcends the business,” says friend and colleague “Triple H” (aka Paul Levesque, a top WWE executive) late in the film. “His legacy will also be probably what not to do in the business, in some ways. Right? I use Ric as an example sometimes with young talent – of ‘You can have it all and end up in a really precarious spot.’ ”

Triple H was among a group of 46 wrestling personalities, family members, friends and pop-culture pundits who were interviewed for the film by Rory Karpf, the Charlotte resident who directed “Nature Boy”; arguably the most surprising gets were Flair’s first wife, Leslie Jacobs (who had never done an on-camera interview) and Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway (who very rarely breaks character in public).

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(charlotteobserver.com)—Flair himself was interviewed twice for the film, first in October 2015 and again in April of this past year. He was the first and last person Karpf interviewed.

The 90-minute documentary (including commercials) hits all the major points in his wrestling career, but also spends a good deal of time trying to explore his inability to be a faithful husband and a present father, his insatiable appetite for alcohol, and his general obsession with living up to his wrestling character’s braggadocio.