Yiannopoulos on California Campus

Yiannopoulos on California Campus

Last February, Cal-Berkeley police canceled Yiannopoulos’ scheduled speech on campus just before it was to begin, citing safety concerns.

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  • Brittany Goss, an organizer for Students for Quality Education, said she wishes the school hadn’t allowed the event,..

He who answers before listening-

that is his folly and his shame.

(Proverbs 18:13)

If I, Timothy Williams, who knows Mr. Yiannopoulos is doomed to hell unless he repents would listen then there is no logical reason why Brittany Goss should not let Mr. Yiannopoulos speak.

Brittany Goss clearly is very logically challenged when it comes to reasoning things out.

Of course, what do you expect from a person whose idea of quality TV is Hunger Games.

1984 was one of her favorite books as a teenager and she wants to shut down Milo Yiannopoulos?!

Guess some girls never grow up into thinking women. After all 1984 is about the fascism acts of society and government stopping speech. The real question is why does she like 1984? As a how-to manual for being a fascist pig?

Like King County Prosecutors of Washington State Ms. Goss clearly “thinks” with her feelings. – gesh what a hypocrite.

Cal State Fullerton student Brittany Goss Would Shut the Mouth of Milo Yiannopoulos

  • What would Katniss Everdeen do?
    Looking at the world through the eyes of a dystopian heroine occupied much of Cal State Fullerton student Brittany Goss’ past year. In May, she presented her research paper, “Young Adult Dystopian Literature Creating a Generation of Activists,” at the university’s senior honors presentations.  A big fan of “The Hunger Games” trilogy, Goss delved into the way characters in dystopian fiction, such as Katniss, inspire young people toward activism. A dystopia, which means “not-good place” in Greek, is a society often characterized by dehumanization, totalitarian government, environmental disaster or other cataclysmic decline. Its opposite is a utopia… – Orange County Register

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(yahoo.com)—About 800 people are expected to attend the speech at California State University, Fullerton, but it’s unclear how many might show up in opposition.

Campus police are stepping up security for potentially dueling demonstrations. Masks and face paint are prohibited in a cordoned-off area around the event and only ticketholders can get in.

The event comes after a series of other scheduled speeches by Yiannopoulos have fallen through. He called off a weekend appearance in Arizona after a series of threats, and made a fleeting appearance at the famously liberal University of California, Berkeley last month after a weeklong free speech event he helped organize was called off.

Last February, Cal-Berkeley police canceled Yiannopoulos’ scheduled speech on campus just before it was to begin, citing safety concerns. A large crowd had gathered outside and the peaceful demonstration turned violent when dozens of black-clad anarchists appeared and attacked some demonstrators and later vandalized some businesses near the campus.