German Shepherd Dying

German Shepherd Dying

German Shepherds are living and dying in misery due to intensive breeding for “cosmetic” reasons, a major new report by the Royal Veterinary College has found.
A survey of data collected from 430 clinics across the UK reveals arthritis, cancer, aggression and sloping backs are afflicting the breed at higher rates than others due to aggressive selection.
Nearly one in two German Shepherds is being put down because they are unable to walk, experts said.

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If you needed proof of the inherent depravity of man, look no further than the need for dog contest rules.

Without getting all PETA about the matter the point is that if mankind were inherently good then such rules would not be required.

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. Proverbs 12:10


opinion unto righteousness ~ ~ timothy williams
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(—“It’s just a belief that this is what a perfect German Shepherd looks like,” he said.
“The decision to stop breeding them like this is not just one that can be taken by breeders or the Kennel Club, but by the general public.
“If they refuse to buy these dogs then the breeders will stop breeding them.”
German Shepherds were originally bred as a medium-sized dog for herding work until their popularity as a guard dog led to them being bred for a larger size and aggressive demeanour.
“If people think something like a sloped back is good then they will think that more of it is better,” said Dr O’Neill.
The Kennel Club ruled this year that dogs can only be exhibited at Crufts if they are able to “stand freely” and balance while both pasterns – the lower part of the leg – are vertical.