FBI & Prayer

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FBI & Prayer

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FBI & Prayer

God commands that prayers reach His throne headlined with the title, A Prayer For Governing Authorities.

What then shall Christians pray?

What should Christians pray for, and what kind of prayer is allowed into God’s court?

If there is one last hope for America’s law enforcement, it is the FBI.

J. Edgar Hoover diligently stood against Congress and Politicians that pushed and shoved to use the agency as a tool for political advancement.

The current demand by a congressional committee is proof enough. Notice how the FBI refuses to cave to such wanton manipulation? This is the foundation the FBI was built upon by Mr. Hoover. It was a hard-won concept that is in need of preventive prayer because judges, prosecutors, governors, and police are politicizing a legal take-over that is brimming over with oppression.

Even now the forces are attempting a moral coup against righteousness by illegally using the courts and thus want to remove J. Edgar Hoover’s name from memory and buildings. As was done by Prosecutor Dan Satterberg of King County Washington upon myself against Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, and Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore, so too these wicked individuals seek to displace truth with their personal agendas.

The FBI is America’s last best chance to hold back the injustice that is overflowing from police stations, judges and borders.

The FBI is an investigative arm of law enforcement, which is in stark contrast to your local prosecutor for which political votes is what they sell their souls to obtain. Are there any good FBI agents left? A few.

Indeed, there are but now is time to pray for more and to strengthen those few who remain because once that corruption is complete things will, unfortunately, overflow in the streets on a massive scale. It is clean, reasonable and justice demanding law enforcement that holds back the baser motives of mankind and as these things are tossed aside by empty-headed law enforcement, the liars fill the vacuum.

Prayer For Truth

The FBI’s main goal is to investigate and uncover the truth. Prayers that beseech God to strengthen such governing authorities as the FBI is a battle of prayer worth fighting as God is a God of Truth.

When I pray about Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, he has forced me to pray against his corruption and false humility that are being used to beguile the voting public. As the Holy Spirit leads the FBI is worthy of prayers in support of their efforts to truly expose the guilty.

Is the FBI perfect? Of course not, but the FBI’s mistakes are anomalies, whereas Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s methods of corruption are the guidelines of the day and any justice performed is by sheer accident.

Specific FBI Requests

When it comes to praying, there is nothing worse than vague non-specific praying put forth to God. God wants to know what you want. God may, like any loving father, say “no” and seek to purify the request, but all children should be taught to pray specifically and wait upon God for the purity of heart and specific replies.

Join me in praying for the FBI.

Specific Requests:

  1. The FBI deserves a new building.
  2. The FBI deserves top-notch equipment.
  3. The FBI needs double the agents paid well.
  4. The FBI and its founder J. Edgar Hoover’s name will remain on every building.
  5. The FBI leader, James B. Comey needs praying for. Pray that the current head of the FBI to pursue justice, and justice alone. And if Mr. Comey is not the man, let Christians pray one may sneak in that will understand justice and pursue it wholeheartedly.

Want top-quality law enforcement that protects borders, seeks out truly bad guys, has a concern for concepts of liberty, then now is the time to hit your knees and pray for the FBI – because it is the best of what is left in America.

Every law, every statute, the very institution of law enforcement is to ferret out the bad guys and keep the innocent from getting caught up in any injustice. That is why when you hear any lawyer, judge or prosecutor state they are just following the law, and injustice is the fruit they are lying, and you have permission to vomit.1


Every time I must expose the corruption of law-enforcement, it grieves my soul. The very act of telling the truth about those corrupted in their jobs of justice only causes those who do not know God to view law enforcement with contempt. Things must be said but woe to those officials who sin in their occupation and force the open rebuke. Better that an official quietly, humbly repents than pretend sorrow when caught.

However, a Christian’s prayers and submission to authorities cannot be blind. Most people support of law enforcement is no more than a prostitute that appreciates the paying lover. Christians, true Christians, on the other hand, compliment only those who truly uphold justice. Actively speaking up about matters of justice and truth is fulfilling the command of Jesus to be the salt of the earth. Those who fail at this will suffer the same judgment as law enforcement individuals who sin in the authority God has given them.

Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. (1 Peter 2:13-14)

Timothy Williams
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