Not in Defense of Bill O’Reilly

Not in Defense of Bill O’Reilly

When we encourage corporate advertisers to police content and commentators, we end up making them the guardians and arbiters of journalism, always a bad choice. “If we demand every advertiser avow allegiance to every social, economic or political position taken by news commentators in whose program their ad appears, we’ll end up with crappy advertising and worse journalism—or we’ll end up with an amalgam of advertising and journalism that would be indistinguishable from propaganda,” says Michael Socolow, a professor of journalism at the University of Maine [reference article below]

Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd,  (Exodus 23:2)

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(—Do boycotts even work? Many defecting O’Reilly sponsors are merely moving their ads to other Fox shows, as the New York Times reports, permitting them a bogus moral victory while still reaching those coveted Fox viewers. Meanwhile, other less controversy-adverse companies have been placing their spots before the 4 million viewers who tune into O’Reilly’s show each night. Boycotts like this rarely discipline anybody in the long run, as the boycott histories of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh attest. Although both men have trouble attracting major advertisers—Media Matters called for stations and sponsors to “Flush Rush”—both continue to hold their central places in the talk-show environment. So the Fox juggernaut will roll on and the O’Reilly show, which collected $446 million in ad revenue from 2014 through 2016 and attracts the most viewers on cable news, is in no danger of collapsing. As Andrew Tyndall writes in the Hollywood Reporter, O’Reilly’s audience is so large that it makes Fox’s placement on your cable dial indispensable. His viewers are as likely to dump him as Trump’s followers were after the “pussy” comments—and those were on tape.