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“Illegal” / Tom Roach Lawyer

Update: Hey Governor Jay Inslee how come lawyer Tom Roach had so much good business if you were enforcing immigration laws?

Looks like a lot of folks are in violation of Federal Law, see, “reckless disregard”.

illegal immigration for labor… [reference article below]

enumclaw.com | Friday, May 27, 2016 | Timothy Williams | opinion unto righteousness

Hey lawyer Tom Roach when you advocate breaking the law for money it is called a bribe. Which we believe is illegal.

Just curious, does the word “illegal” mean anything except to Prosecutors and Judges that want to make up a charge?

We know illegal is immune for Prosecutors and Police, but isn’t it illegal, say, for someone to stand in Macy’s shirt department and declare it is illegal to steal, but go ahead?

A lawyer, out in the open, advocating breaking the law.

A lawyer, out in the open, promoting being illegal.

A lawyer, that represents the Washington State Bar Association, proof again just a paper mill.

Certainly the Seattle Police can recommend illegal actions before they are legal then give out stickers to celebrate, but we law abiding citizens thought for sure illegal means against the law.

We know that Rock Falling Stars can write about illegal drug and sex use while Prosecutors make up evidence for those they personally don’t like, but does illegal mean against the law?

Isn’t the Attorney General suppose to go after fraudulent promoting of business actions? The State of Washington has shut down multiple prayer meetings they don’t agree with, and, have demanded all cakes be created equal in the site of their God, so wouldn’t this be kind of important?

Besides, if the State of Washington is willing to pick on defenseless grandmas to make all cakes equal in the site of their god, then surely thousands of immigrant workers illegally in the country might be a concern. Is it not a crime to withhold this information? Shouldn’t you turn in such companies as certain individuals turned in a cake bakers that, hold your wits, baked a cake “illegally” – oh the suffering, the humanity of it all – now back to your comments

Thomas RoachOr maybe that smirk on Mr. Roach’s face was because his “summer hours” are coming up and the article in The News Tribune was really a support Trump, or any any candidate who applies the law to illegal immigrants and those who would hire illegal workers.

Either the law applies to everyone or it doesn’t apply to anyone.

I do not sit with deceitful men, nor do I consort with hypocrites; (Psalm 26:4)

Guess that is why none of my friends are lawyers.

Bonus Question: Wouldn’t anyone hiring such a lawyer kinda admit that it is like, they are there committing a crime with the person hiring an illegal person in the country?

Thomas Roach Promoting Protection Of The Illegal For Money

enumclaw.com | Friday, May 27, 2016 | Timothy Williams | opinion unto righteousness

Article Reference

(thenewstribune.com)—His plan to seal borders may hurt farmers who depend on illegal immigration for labor…

Mexico who are in the U.S. illegally…

11 million immigrants who are here illegally…

expel immigrants who are in the U.S. illegal…

saying illegal immigration…

opposes illegal immigration…

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