We’d Be In Prison

We’d Be In Prison

A Massachusetts sheriff who has called for the arrest of public officials who support sanctuary cities Wednesday slammed a state lawmaker who posted a Facebook warning about a rumored federal raid. [reference article below]

Isn’t it great to know all us little people would be in prison if we filed a lawsuit and then stated it was because we didn’t want to follow a law.

(Psalm 26:4)  I do not sit with deceitful men, nor do I consort with hypocrites;

Warning: You know who to thank and who will throw you in prison if you object to their lawlessness.1


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Article Reference

(foxnews.com)—“She doesn’t have any idea [of] the people she’s warning or what their backgrounds are,” Hodgson told host Neil Cavuto. “They could be gang members involved in transnational gangs, the sex trafficking that’s going on – and our officers … sometimes need the element of surprise to make sure that somebody’s not building an arsenal waiting for us or having some heads-up where one of our officers is going to get seriously injured or killed.”
Hodgson said that President Trump has focused on the deportation of “criminal illegal aliens and wants us focusing on them.”
“These are people that we have information about, that we’re looking for and [are] a danger to our society,” the sheriff said. “This is exactly what you would hope every elected official would be working with and helping our federal and state and local partners do.”