Give Me A Kiss

Give Me A Kiss

Manny Gutierrez last month became just the second man to be chosen as the face for a make-up advertisement, the first being cosmetics aficionado James Charles, whose Instagram posts caught the eye of Covergirl last year. [ reference article below ]

Give me a kiss — don’t even think about it.

Join the U.S. military and you get pink heels to go with that lipstick.

Enjoy your mirror-time and give yourself a kiss, but leave my face out of it.

A cry is heard on the barren heights, the weeping and pleading of the people of Israel, because they have perverted their ways and have forgotten the Lord their God.   (Jeremiah 3:21)

Lesson: snatch others from the fire and save them; to others show mercy, mixed with fear–hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh.  (Jude 1:23)

Bonus: You know who to thank.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Article Reference

(—That men can be the face of a global make-up brand underscores how large consumer goods companies like L’Oréal and Coty, which respectively own cosmetic brands Maybelline and Covergirl, see diversity as an increasingly powerful market. This market includes men using traditionally female cosmetics or a growing array of new products aimed at men.

It is an extension of a male grooming industry worth close to $50bn last year — with moisturisers, pomades, body hair removal products and blemish concealer populating increasing areas of physical and digital shelf space. Retail sales of male grooming products at Procter & Gamble, including its Gillette brand, are more than $11bn, while Unilever, which sells the Axe and Lynx brands, sold nearly $5bn in 2015, the latest figures available, according to Euromonitor.