It was a wild night of celebrations and booze-fuelled mayhem on the streets of Britain last night as revellers welcomed in 2017 – and no one was wrapping up warm.

Millions of raucous party-goers packed out pubs and clubs, with some braving the freezing temperatures in skimpy dresses. [reference article below]


Repent, in-spite of what others may say or do – it is your soul that is in the balance scales of justice.

From England to Washington State, sin is sin.

Comforting to know that King County Prosecutors are destroying the good in the land.

Comforting to know that King County Prosecutors as “ministers of justice” are silencing rebuking ministers.

Bonus: Your choice no matter what Ms. Bias Enough destroys.

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A couple were also seen fighting outside a chip shop in Nottingham, while police restrained a bespectacled man in Swansea’s Wind Street.

For many, the name of the game was to drink to the point of oblivion, with one girl seen vomiting on the streets of Nottingham.

Dozens of party goers, some unable to stand or speak, had to helped home by their friends as they tottered on their heels on the sodden streets.