Update: Obamacare / Vexing Economics

Update: Obamacare / Vexing Economics

Will anyone be able to figure out American health care? So far,…

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Obmacare is God giving the sinful want he lusts after.

Man lusts for government to fulfill needs rather than looking to the Living God.

Man would rather have it’s lusts than live a righteous life and while everyone calls upon God they are stiff-necked to repentance that would produce the righteous life.

  • Everyone wants brokenness, humility and confessed sin – from their neighbor.
  • Everyone wants brokenness without being broken so false preachers – preach it up.
  • Everyone wants brokenness while rebellion against the offense of Jesus that would produce it – so rebel and expel they do.

Enjoy your, United States nation of laws, rules and regulations – it is strangling the very breath of life from our children.


Article Reference

(yahoo.com)—Will anyone be able to figure out American health care? So far, perhaps the world’s most byzantine arrangement of doctors, hospitals, clinics, contractors, pharmaceutical companies, private insurers, public insurers, medical schools, nursing homes, and dozens of other stakeholders has been less a coherent system than a collection of discount-furniture bits and pieces thrown on a floor with no instructions for assembly. Each individual piece usually works well and America’s doctors especially do pretty good jobs—that’s why they earn the big bucks—but fusing these disparate components to make a coherent health economy has often looked more like alchemy than science.