Of Course It’s A “Landmark”

Of Course It’s A “Landmark”

Of course it is a “landmark decision” because the judiciary is making up prosecutions as it goes along.

Lawlessness has been ruled legal by prosecutors who have had to exempt themselves from the rule of law because they and Judges don’t bother with the law. Unprecedented in human history, the ruling by Judges to uphold anarchy.

Easy to see why.

The king sang this lament for Abner: “Should Abner have died as the lawless die?” (2 Samuel 3:33)

Bonus: Sure everyone is just doing their “job” of enforcing the laws that are being twisted by Judges at the time, such as not enforcing border security. Like King County Court Judges that kick off any juror who requires evidence. Oh yea, great judges we have these days. Just ask Judge Lori K. Smith working for Prosecutor Mark Larsonand Team.

Opinion unto righteousness / Timothy Williams / enumclaw.com

Article Reference

(azcentral.com)—A federal judge on Friday referred Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and three of his aides to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, requesting that they be prosecuted for criminal contempt of court.

The landmark decision comes after U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow found that Arpaio intentionally violated various orders rooted in an 8-year-old racial-profiling case.