Prosecutor Mark Larson Swindles Innocent Project

Prosecutor Mark Larson

Prosecutor Mark Larson Swindles Innocent Project

Punch-Drunk On Power

King County Prosecutors, namely Prosecutor Mark Larson and gang attempted to use this exoneration as a pr stunt for the hate-crime legal-lynching they set up for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg that revealed their many sins! [ see ] It is of course a guilt offering God will never accept!

Indeed, this stunt by Prosecutor Mark Larson only underscores that the individual should have never been prosecuted in the first place.

But hey, both prosecuting and freeing feeds the self-promotion of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and gang – damned be the facts.

So punch-drunk-on power are King County Prosecutors  they just have to arrogantly be in charge of prosecutions and exonerations.

Quick Summary of Washington State Sanctioned Hate Crime

  • Bigoted Self-Righteous Baptist City of Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall
  • Self-confessed Fraudster, Liar and Groomer of Individuals Athena Dean Holtz
  • Seattle King County Godless Prosecutors Looking to Advance Themselves
  • Bingo: Sweeping Injustice.
  • Surprise: False Accusation of Sexual Crime

Athena Dean Holtz multi-level marketed a hate crime enlisting the all-to-eager City of Enumclaw Sargent Detective Grant McCall conspired help.

Athena Dean Holtz is a self-confessed liar, manipulator and con-artist who openly stated she would destroy. Fact is, part of Athena Dean Holtz’s con is that she is always changing for the better and becoming a different person.

Detective Grant McCall who is a bully-baptist-cop sought to destroy Timothy Williams of Sound Doctrine Church while City Attorney Mike Reynolds refused, protected and enhanced his investments within the City of Enumclaw. Indeed, Detective Grant McCall in-spite a judgment of misconduct was promoted by the City of Enumclaw.

Athena Dean Holtz and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall abused the inherent corruption in Enumclaw Police and Seattle’s King County Prosecutors office to shove forward their injustice. Enumclaw, now promoted Sargent Detective Grant McCall scripted out a False Accusers accusation with Athena Dean Holtz.

Seattle’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg walked-through this hate crime for political advancement.

It is the age-old persecution of false worshipers of God enlisting the help of godless governing authorities to strike at true Christians. Exactly the “legal” method Jesus was crucified.

For evidence of fact and proof see:

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Seattle, King County Washington Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Prosecutors Defy Lawful Laws

Like so many Prosecutors in the United States
King County Prosecutors of Seattle Washingtion defy any and all laws but themselves. [see]

Also see:

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Driven To Drink

Unless you are dragged through the mud pits of the Washington State Judicial system and experience the unprofessional and lawless attitude of its prosecutors you cannot begin to imagine the physiological damaging effects they will cause.

Jacob Walker, Innocent destroyed by King County, Seattle, WA. Prosecutor Office.



Update:  Lie: The review process stated in the article “The Good Prosecutor” does not exist.

Upon further investigation, it appears that Prosecutor Mark Larson lied to author Lara Baselon about there is a review process for an examination of questionable prosecutions.

In short, the review process King County Prosecutor Mark Larson is quoted for, well, it does not exist.

It is a falsehood,

…a lie,



…made up testimony,

…a publicity prosecutor proclamation,

…concocted Prosecutor, er, “evidence,” … etc, etc, etc,.

No surprise, that is why I checked it out, as I am completely use to the abuse of the truth by Prosecutor Mark Larson and Team.

500Of course, I am assuming Lara Baselon was not a willing partner in this prosecutor p.r. stunt using individuals in prison as pawns for self-advancement. Naturally, Ms. Lara Baselon not only refused to answer any of my communication attempts but is off hiding behind her 500 link friends. And there is a whole lot more than this, aw, er, error.

That is the way it is in the legal field, running, hiding and pridefully using the law is the name of the game – anything but justice.

Both the timing and lack of evidence, Prosecutor Mark Larson’s own words, for this individual’s release from prison points at a pathetic attempt by Prosecutor Mark Larson to whitewash the corruption associated with the Athena Dean Holtz hate crime actions.

No wonder The Team not only listened to Athena Dean Holtz marketed hate crime but obstructed with great effort the truth.

A wicked man listens to evil lips; a liar pays attention to a malicious tongue. (Proverbs 17:4)

In short, like so many prosecutions out of King County Courts prosecutions are performed for political purposes.

Backstory can be found at

Justice – it is God’s specialty.

Indeed, no telling what God will work before we all are subpoenaed on the Judgement Day into the courts of a Holy God.

God expresses His mercy and judgment everyday.1

I tell you, God will see that they get justice, and quickly… God’s Son (Luke 18:8)

Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg - all of whom have not repented of their sinful crimes; see hate crime against holiness at
Protected Hate Crime

Hate crimes, fabricated “evidence”, ignored facts, zero investigations, seeking out slander, hardening lies, manipulating others – one injustice leads to many. Follow the one back you will discover the many in varied trials.

That is exactly what God will do on Judgement Day. You know, the Great Court on the final day of clean Justice.

  • … and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. (Luke 16:10)

Now would be a good time for the many who joined in this hypocrisy to repent.

You would think every judge, lawyer, policeman, and prosecutor would understand that all are headed to The Court of courts and sue for peace. One agrees with Prosecutor Dan Satterberg that his ministers will be held to a higher bar – woe unto them if they do not repent.2


  • As you are going with your adversary to the magistrate, try hard to be reconciled to him on the way, or he may drag you off to the judge, and the judge turn you over to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison.I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.  (Luke 12:58-59)

Don’t fall for the sloppy, mushy Christian churchie “forgiveness.” For the Supreme Court of Courts is going to call all lawyers, police and prosecutors to account. Justice will be done.

Understand this was not a matter of neutral evidence.

There was, is and had been overwhelming evidence of a hate crime, but all of that was shorted.



Prosecutor Mark Larson team: Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa JohnsonProsecutor Mark Larson team: Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson

Prosecutor Mark Larson Swindle

King County Prosecutor Mark Larson, wonder-boy for Dan Satterberg, gave the Innocent Project a token win that they might spin. The reason Prosecutor Larson released a man on such flimsy evidence is because there would not be any evidence to expose the corruption on the Prosecutors Office. This is why the hate crime of Athena Dean Holtz is protected by Prosecutor Larson and a token few let loose to get the Innocent Project on their side. As Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has stated, everything he does is “calculated” and this was a wholesale Ponzi scheme perpetrated on the Innocent Project in Washington State.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s Office, once they got wind that the Innocent Project “caught” something, they went into full blown swindle mode. Prosecutor Mark Larson didn’t do anything but agree to let a man out of prison. It was the Innocent Project that did all the hard work.

One of the college degrees Dan Satterberg puts to use most of the time is his journalism degree – and spin he does.

The King County Prosecutors really are slick at making it appear as if they care about the truth.


If it “felt” good to Prosecutor Mark Larson you get prosecuted, or released. It just all depends on how this king feels at the time. For all the flattery and publicity about how humble and correct Mr. Larson is it was quite the bargain to release Brandon Olebar. No wonder it “felt” good to Prosecutor Mark Larson to help the Innocent Project that was corning in on Satterberg.

Their constant refrain about humility, truth and justice, is as nauseating as Prosecutor Mark Larson’s “just felt” right. Gesh!

Satterberg is running a prosecutors office based on feelings from where – the Star Wars Force kinda thing? My apologies to Darth Vader.

This isn’t the first time these King County Prosecutors have lifted their feelings up as the standard for law and above facts. So loaded with pride, these prosecutors think their feelings are above it all.

Speaking of feelings, it is lynch-mobs that hang’em.

Prosecutor David Martin’s Vengeance

Indeed, King County Prosecutor David Martin, because he had a troubled upbringing and the police didn’t do what he wanted the prosecutor’s office is being used as his personal therapy session.

It is clear with Prosecutor Dan Satterberg facts, evidence and logic have nothing to do with prosecutions. As Prosecutor David Martin put it, “Because of my experience as a kid, I know what happens behind closed doors. In my work with victims and their families, I see a little bit of my mother, my sisters, and myself.”

Scary doesn’t even begin to do justice to these prosecutors that just know because of what they have experienced.3  No wonder Athena Dean Holtz could manipulate these all feeling and knowing prosecutors with her hate crime.

In every case, every situation, with every person Prosecutor David Martin gets to abuse the prosecutor’s office to strike revenge because of what his father did. Everyone who comes to the attention of Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office becomes a tool for Prosecutor David Martin to satisfy some feelings of vengeance against his father and the cops of the 1980s. Such is the nature of narcissism that is fixated on “me” and how things “feel” to them. This is why God stated it is only for Him to take vengeance.

So in keeping with their prosecutorial self-righteousness here is a song devoted to their frauds.

… just felt like the right thing to do. Prosecutor Mark Larson

No wonder Prosecutor Mark Larson sends home jurors that believe there must be evidence to an accusation. Oh yea, this one just slipped by Dan Satterberg. The hate crime links below are evidence enough that nothing is slipping by Prosecutor Mark Larson.

Indeed, King County Dan Saterberg, and expert Mark Larson are far more destructive to justice than your average prosecutor because they are covering their self-centered ends with a smile and a hug.  After all, even their feelings are more holy than the average person, that’s why they are prosecutors.

For in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin. (Psalm 36:2)

Ponzi Scheme

  • Ponzi Scheme is where the con-artist gives a little to swindle a lot. Prosecutor Dan Satterberg gave up Brandon Olebar to swindle a lot more.

Like any great Ponzi scheme, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Prosecutor Mark Larson made a fool of the Innocent Project and Lara Bazelon, by swindling them with their false humility.

Ponzi schemes work because you tell people what they want to hear. In this case, the lie was that the innocent are of concern to the King County Court System and how valuable the Innocent Project is for helping. The Innocent Project clearly flattered Prosecutor Mark Larson and Satterberg in return flattered back. Great, now the solution has been Ponzied into the bank account of Prosecuter Dan Satterberg.

The same con Satterberg presents to juries was just used on the Innocent Project. The Innocent Project should have saw this one coming, but then again, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has had a lot of practice in the art of deception the last two years.

Unfortunately, far more innocent individuals will rot in prison because the truth is a little more bankrupt from Saterberg’s “co-operation.” Yep, folks, the Innocent Project “caught” this one. Why? Because Prosecutor Mark Larson and Prosecutor Dan Satterberg turn blind eyes towards truth and run the King County Court System on feelings to sway juries.


What the Innocent Project really “caught” was Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Prosecutor Mark Larson in their corruption. That these two prosecutors turned it to their P.R. Advantage is one of Satterberg’s college degrees and full time job – journalism. Now, how do you spell swindle? Satterberg just swindled the Innocent Project.

  • It is Satterberg that lets the police become overzealous.
  • It is Satterberg that lets this one slip by.
  • It is Satterberg that operates King County Courts on feelings.

Lara Baselon of Loyola Law School
The Satterberg Swindle

Lara A. Bazelon - swindled
Lara A. Bazelon – got swindled

And we can all be sure – it felt good to Prosecutor Mark Larson to have his false-humility held up as a thing of beauty.

It is called a con.

Brandon Olebar police were overzealous and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall who was found to be with mis-conduct doesn’t “feel” wrong to Prosecutor Mark Larson of King County?

And, just for the record, that is not a question.

Lara Bazelon of Loyola Law School just got swindled by Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Prosecutor Mark Larson – big time.4


King County Prosecutor Nicole Weston

Article Reference

(—When Brandon Olebar walked free, it was a big deal for prosecutor Mark Larson—and not for the obvious reasons.
Olebar was charged in 2003 for breaking into the King County, Wash., house of his sister’s boyfriend and, along with eight other men, viciously assaulting him. Olebar had always maintained his innocence and he had an alibi, but after the victim identified Olebar as one of the attackers, a jury convicted him. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Olebar’s case eventually caught the attention of two law students working at the Innocence Project Northwest, which works to free wrongly convicted inmates. They believed Olebar, but there was no DNA evidence to exonerate him. What the students brought to Larson, a chief deputy in the Seattle District Attorney’s Office, was less clear-cut: sworn statements from other men who claimed to be the true perpetrators—none of whom could be prosecuted because the statute of limitations had run. The Innocence Project also produced an expert who explained the reasons why the victim—who had been beaten unconscious during the crime—may have mistakenly implicated Olebar. It wasn’t rock-solid evidence of innocence, but it was enough to spur Larson to meet with Olebar and re-interrogate the prisoner to test the new information.
In the end, Larson, whose responsibilities include evaluating post-conviction claims of innocence, was persuaded by Olebar’s continued insistence that he did not commit the crime and his flat rejection of a plea bargain that would have led to his immediate release.

The Good Prosecutor