Zika / One Thing

Zika / One Thing

Because symptoms are typically mild… [reference article below]


The Republicans keep yakking about God.

The Police want everyone to give them respect.

The Prosecutors want all to call them ministers of justice.

The pondents keep pounding that everyone needs morals yet…

The preachers plead for listening ears but all refuse the one thing that matters.

So he gave them what they asked for, but sent a wasting disease upon them. (Psalm 106:15)

The one thing is repentance. Specific repentance. Offensive repentance. Climb a tree repentance. Doctrine changing repentance. Godly sorrow repentance. No face-saving repentance. Deep, hard, life-changing, guilt-laden repentance.

Have you not just called to me: ‘My Father, my friend from my youth, will you always be angry? Will your wrath continue forever?’ This is how you talk, but you do all the evil you can. (Jeremiah 3:4-5)

Opinion unto righteousness / Timothy Williams / Enumclaw.com

Article Reference

(bloomberg.com)—Because symptoms are typically mild, it’s possible that the disease has already spread through mosquitoes in other places or that the infection is more widely present and transmitting in Florida without health officials being able to confirm it. None of the four Florida patients exhibited symptoms.

“There may well be more cases that we’re not aware of right now because most people infected with Zika don’t have symptoms,” Frieden said Friday.