Good Old Public School

Good Old Public School

When Franklin Veaux was 10 years old, his elementary school… [reference article below]

Now where did all the students learn to think unbridled sexual thoughts?

Why, oh why, the increase in female teachers sleeping with students?

Who were the courts, the social services and the police that left the pervert door wide open?

It is a mystery.

If a man marries his sister, the daughter of either his father or his mother, and they have sexual relations, it is a disgrace. They must be cut off before the eyes of their people. He has dishonored his sister and will be held responsible. (Leviticus 20:17)

Hint: Hey, King County Courts there might be a church left in Enumclaw Washington, though I doubt it, but you never know, that preaches against such sins — go get ’em Ministers of Justice.

Opinion unto righteousness / Timothy Williams /

Article Reference

(—When Franklin Veaux was 10 years old, his elementary school English teacher read his class a story about a princess being wooed by two princes. “I thought, princesses live in castles, and castles are big enough for all three of them, so why does she have to choose one?” he said.

…Polyamory is the practice of intimate relationships involving more than two people with the consent of everyone involved. In recent years, polyamory is working its way to becoming a household term. Researchers have estimated that 4 to 5% of Americans practice some form of consensual non-monogamy. A 2014 blog post by Psychology Today revealed that 9.8 million people have agreed to allow satellite lovers in their relationships, which includes poly couples, swinging couples and others practicing sexual non-monogamy.

And in Portland – home to swingers’ clubs, the most strip bars per capita, and annual porn festivals – it seems you can’t throw a stone without finding a poly relationship. Although there’s no official data supporting an exact number, various Meetup groups boast a few thousand members each, while other Facebook groups have hundreds.

“Portland is an amazing place if you’re poly, oh my god,” laughed Franklin, who is rarely seen without his bunny ears.