Childish America

Childish America

Students who can’t study.

Teachers who can’t teach.

Dads who can’t lead.

Mothers who can’t mother.

Doctors who can’t diagnose.

Preachers that have nothing to proclaim.

Police who can’t police.

Prosecutors who can’t prosecute.

Politicians who can’t govern.

Who is it he is trying to teach? To whom is he explaining his message?
To children weaned from their milk, to those just taken from the breast?
(Isaiah 28:9) | Sunday, June 12, 2016 | timothy williams | opinion unto righteousness

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(—A professor at the increasingly illiberal liberal-arts college reports she has fallen into the habit of walking around the room saying, “I am now creating a magic circle inside this space” within which it’s OK to study an issue frankly.

Some 1,300 students signed a petition asking for all grades lower than C to be abolished so that every one of these children could be deemed at least average.

Students regularly follow the example of a female peer who ran out of the room and went crying to Mommy when a drama teacher spoke sharply to her, and since we’re talking about a “her,” that means, literally, making a federal case of it — an investigation under Title IX.

Because small children can’t write, college students are starting to demand the option to simply chat about their ideas instead of submitting term papers. Composition scholar Peter Elbow told an Atlanta conference of college writing teachers in 2011 that the grammar we learn by age 4 is “good enough,” and disbelieving attendee Mary Grabar added that colleges are “not really interested in teaching students to write and communicate clearly,” so communication is now “redefined as ‘performance’ involving the body, images, song, hip-hop, visual rhetorics, clothes, ‘everything but the written word as traditionally understood.’ ”

It’s gotten to the point where outsiders literally have to tell collegians, “Use your words.”

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