Gov. Inslee Brewing Washington Hatred

Gov. Inslee Brewing Washington Hatred

Governor Jay Inslee hatred gay fightUpdate: Governor Jay Inslee used, manipulated children to legislate his petty, personal agenda, rather than the rule of law by using them in a trumped up court case. Naturally Washington State Judges were all too happy for the manipulation. Is it just me, or am I the only one that is actually practicing the rule of law – the legislator certainly isn’t. After, all no one gave Governor Jay Inslee the power to declare war against the State of Indiana with the first step of an embargo. Everyone, prepare to loose your job, house and family if you do not hold to the belief of the mob.

Governor Jay Inslee Already Tipsy With Power

How many of them believed that humans were significantly contributing to global climate change?

Everyone raised a hand.

“Unanimity is pretty amazing,” he said, shaking his head

Everyone who doesn’t “raise a hand” for the “amazing” “unanimity” had better be pretty worried about the coming legal bully tactics for Governor Inslee is already tipsy with power.

Had Governor Jay Inslee asked those who do not believe in global warming to raise their hands and then cautioned everyone else to respect, listen and attempt to work together that would have been a positive step. That each group could work together to solve various environmental problems, though for differing reason, that would have been productive. Instead like the Prosecutors that surround him he intimidates, isolates and savors his power. Ugly.

It is clear in the State of Washington you had better tow their political, and Bible doctrines, or they will allow the hatred, the boycotts and prosecutions to unrelentingly unfold.

Governor Jay Inslee was annoyed by a reporter’s question on Wednesday and suggested the pair “go out in the alleyway.” – My Northwest

Governor Jay Inslee threatens violence to take it “outside” because in his heart he is “amazed”, “shaking his head” at his own power. Governor Inslee, though elected in Washington, made these comments coming off his State of Indiana boycott, global warming arm raising speech and ignoring the calls for a serious investigation into the hate crime in Enumclaw Washington. A foundation of lust for power is fueling the groundwork already laid down by King County Prosecutors.

What can you expect from Governor Inslee that declares an embargo on Indiana, walks gay judges up court steps while ignoring justice for others, enthralled with students who lift their hands in salute to global warming but then mocks to take it “outside” when it doesn’t suit him? If you are serious about everyone’s rights, you had best take a moment call Gov. Inslee and clearly communicate the requirement to appoint a special investigator into the hate crime against Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore and Timothy Williams. Ignore his excuses, as there are plenty of things he can do just as he did for those who believe in being gay.

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington imposed an embargo on the State of Indiana seeking to deny earning a living to anyone who is not gay enough. That was the second level start for the Nazi’s toward the Jews.

First level were verbal vilification then came legal attacks. In the same manner, Detective Grant McCall and Mrs. Holtz always referred to Sound Doctrine Church as “The Group”, or, “That Group.”

It was this hatred, Prosecutor Jason Simmons and Expert Prosecutor Mark Larson ensured, was inflamed like a book burning at a Nazi bon-fire against Sound Doctrine Church. In fact, the last 3 minutes of jury summation, Prosecutor Jason Simmons declared the “church will go on” and “Timothy Williams writes the books.” By that time the jury was primed and ready for the lynching, so the jury came back and shut down the church.

The State of Washington relished attacking Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing and Salt Shaker Bookstore because it involved Christianity. Prosecutor Jason Simmons, from day one, stated, “heard it was a cult” and then proceeded to obstruct the truth. The joke is, everything is called a cult these days and the word is so meaningless, it is easy to prove that King County Prosecutor Satterberg is running a cult down at King County.

In fact, Malcolm Fraser was denied a bond hearing.

In fact, Malcolm Fraser was denied a bond hearing and a judge set Mr. Fraser’s bail without ever hearing one word from the defense. To repeat, there was no lawyer at Mr. Fraser’s bond hearing because Prosecutor Dan Satterberg manipulated the law so that no bond hearing take place.

There Are No Laws – Only Laws

Everything becomes “legal” because every illegal move has a law in place to make it appear legal. Thus Prosecutor Dan Satterberg‘s prosecutors lie as they tell the truth.

People need to realize there are no laws down at the King County Courthouse because there are laws in place to allow Prosecutor Dan Satterberg to manipulate with immunity. Everything becomes “legal” because every illegal move has a law in place to make it appear legal. Thus Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s prosecutors lie as they tell the truth

Like Nazi Germany there was a massive uptake in the number of laws to make injustice legal. If Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office doesn’t want to give a bond hearing there is a law to cover that and if he does want to allow a bond hearing there is a law for that also.

Since judges will not hold back prosecutors, all we are left with are agenda driven prosecutions and governors.

In short, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is telling the truth and lying at the same time because Governor Jay Inslee is only interested in political gain that can come from attacking Christians.

Then at the legal-lynching, like the judges in Germany, the Honorable Judge Lori K. Smith literally sat on the bench allowing King County Prosecutors to make Bible doctrine the reason to send Malcolm Fraser to prison for life.

Jews Forcing Their Religion – Don’t Shop With Them

It is common knowledge that King County Courts and especially Prosecutors have been anti-Christians for years. Governor Jay Inslee bullied the whole State of Indiana all because a section of individuals in Washington State do not mind a Nazi style attack of livelihood upon Christian shops.

Naturally, the Nazis did it all in the name of the law and for the rights of all Germans. The lesson should be learned that Hitler got ahead by legally entrapping the Jews. The same thing will happen to Christians if we do not demand that Govenor Inslee figure out how to protect everyone’s rights starting with those in Washington State. In fact, it just wouldn’t be that difficult if the courts and Governor Inslee were not so hell-bent on forcing their beliefs on others.

Gov. Inslee with Gov. Gregoire, who was prosecutor in the Wenatchee Witch-hunt

What do we expect from a man who followed the example of ex-Governor Christine Gregoire, one of the prosecutors who should have her law licence removed, for being a prosecutor in the witch-hunt surrounding the Wenatchee child legal abuse? Athena Dean Holtz knew exactly what hate crime to vomit at Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.1Dr. Phillip Esplin, a forensic psychologist for the National Institutes of Health’s Child Witness Project said that “Wenatchee may be the worst example ever of mental health services being abused by a state (Washington State)…”

Athena Dean Holtz early on, before the publicity from the arrest, Ms. Holtz blogged the fact Timothy Williams studied the history of how the Nazis went about their injustice to blunt the facts of her crimes.

Plus, Satan doesn’t mind stating Jesus is Lord as long as he gets the attention – it’s an old trick to steal attention away from the Truth. King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg continuity sends out his message to welcome lie and give him cases he can use. In the same way, Govenor Inslee, like Governor Gregoire, makes political hay with hatred. (See