5 Federal Judges / King County Prosecutors / “Deliberate”

5 Federal Judges / King County Prosecutors / “Deliberate”

King County Prosecutors, do tell, the injustice is rampant down at the King County Offices… [see hate crime below]

Take your pick of logos, old or new, injustice is still injustice.

5 Federal Judges making it clear about Dan Satterberg’s Prosecutors Office down at King County. I should know as that office mustered all it’s injustice to attack me through someone else. See hate crime below.

Hey Prosecutor Seavers ….it’s in the news!

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

Kozinski said the prosecution’s tactic was deliberate, not an oversight. They kept Shaw’s signed plea agreements secret until two days after Frost was convicted even though they had been signed well before the start of his trial.

“Moreover,” Kozinski said, “the office stonewalled in providing Frost this information when he doggedly requested it.”

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, United States court of appeal for the Ninth Circuit
Judge Kozinski Part of 5 Federal Judges