Agreed / Stupid / M&M

Agreed / Stupid / M&M


“Men have hormones; women have hormones. But the idea that women in Iraq are sitting with their feet up eating M&M’s every 28 days is ridiculous.” [reference article below]

Men also have breasts …but their kinda different

Men also have extended clitoris …it called a penis …but it works much differently then women’s…

..gesh …fools feeding on folly …now for some knowledge.

Agreed, the argument about M&Ms is a stupid one as motherhood is a full time “job” based upon logical observations of the equipment women are, well, equipped with…

Agreed, the argument about M&Ms is a stupid one and doesn’t qualify as news let alone a justification for women in combat…

Agreed, the argument about M&Ms is stupid because the every 28 days is often far more debilitating than M&Ms…

Agreed, finally, an argument about M&Ms has nothing to do with, hint, every 28 days, the need for women to be at home loving their children – not out learning to to kill and destroy.

“Soldiers Blow Up 5 Myths” is “award winning” feeding not on M&Ms, but a feeding of folly arguments.

The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly. (Proverbs 15:14)

Bonus Wisdom: These women soldiers are blowing up motherhood. And everyone wonders why children are turning out so badly. “But MacKenzie cites studies showing that time lost to the military for pregnancy is small…” True, the children were abandoned and left motherless. Such feeding on folly just blew up the family. | Monday, May 30, 2016 | Timothy Williams | opinion unto righteousness

Article Reference

(—Today’s prospective female fighters might hear a different response. Last month, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the military would open all combat jobs—from the infantry to special-operations forces—to women. This month, branches of the military are required to submit their plans to the Defense Department for the gender integration of combat units. That’s good news for people like Marquez, and for those who have been denied job promotions because they lacked combat experience.