Washington Courts / Make It Up

Washington Courts / Make It Up

Don’t worry, every sane person will loose the “transgender bathroom law” contest.

Just as the Washington State Courts, most note-worthy the Washington State Supreme Court,  just make up the laws as they go, being safe is always rejected as “unconstitutional”.

From dogs in court to perversion in the bathroom, it is not the rule of law these courts enforce anymore.

Like Washington State Prosecutors, Washington State Judges rule by their, and I quote, feelings.

That, here and there, the courts can tack on a law, such is the nature of a con.

Justice is seen in the facts, the evidence that such are applied equally to all. Letting the Seattle Police make religious rights a footnote on their Gay Stickers is proof the Washington State Supreme Court stopped enforcing the rule of law long, long, long ago.

It is unthinkable that God would do wrong, that the Almighty would pervert justice. (Job 34:12)

This is what happens when Judges and Prosecutors play God.

Bonus Wisdom: If the Washington State Courts can act like they support the rule of law while the Federal System undermines a position …well you get the idea …normalcy is going to loose every time. After all, cup-cakes mean more than religious freedoms. Just ask Prosecutor Jason Simmons as he used the prosecutors office to shut down a church that wasn’t gay enough.*

*Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson of King County Washington State, www.hardtruth.us

Superior Legal Statement

Analysis of legal activities is not to be construed as legal advice. Timothy Williams is not shallow enough to be a lawyer, thus, any advice given here far surpasses morally, legally and logically any word-abuse that a lawyer, judge and especially what prosecutors contrive. In short, only listen to a lawyer and you will forfeit your soul when arranged in the Court of God. Statute: Holy Bible, Section Codes: 2 Corinthians 5:10, Luke 11:52 Division: New Testament. (enumclaw.com, hardtruth.us)

Enumclaw.com : opinion that counts |  Monday, May 9, 2016 | Timothy Williams

Article Reference

(foxnews.com)—McCrory says the North Carolina law applies only to government offices, universities and road-side rest stops, not every bathroom in the state.

The Justice Department sent McCrory a letter Wednesday stating that the law violates federal civil rights laws.

The governor also said he asked the department for an extension and was given only until the close of business Monday.

“I don’t think that three working days is enough time for such a pretty big threat,” he told Fox News. “It’s the federal government being a bully, making law.”

McCrory also said he doesn’t have the legal authority to change laws and that the expectation that he can is “unrealistic.”

McCrory, who signed the bill into law in March, said last week that the department seems to be breaking new ground in claiming the North Carolina law violates Civil Rights Act protections against discrimination in education and the workplace.